Season five of Peaky Blinders is now available to watch on Netflix!

That was pretty rapid work from the guys over at Netflix, wasn’t it? The dust has hardly settled after the BBC aired the last episode of Peaky Blinders and it’s already on the streaming service.

Now, while I am one for the collective viewing experience and think there’s something to be said for being made to wait a week to watch the next episode of something, obviously not everyone is able to watch something the moment it’s released.


You could use BBC iPlayer, I guess? But then I suppose they don’t keep things on there forever.

Anyway, Netflix, baby; watch Peaky Blinders on there if you want as it’s on there today (4th October).

peaky blinders netflix


You couldn’t have predicted that something set in the very grim and grey world of 1920s Birmingham would have taken the world by storm, but then I suppose nothing expected can never becomes a hit in such a way.


We’ve all waited a long time to see Tommy Shelby back, played by the indomitable Cillian Murphy and now here he is, with his gruff midlands accent stealing the hearts of our girlfriends right in front of our very eyes…

The show’s creator, Steven Knight, previously spoke about how the season five episodes are “on another level” and “fantastic” – which of course, you’d expect him to say – as well as spilling the beans on what will happen to Tommy when all is said and done.

I want to take him on that journey from the person we saw [in series one], to the person he will become in 1939.



[Series seven] will tell a different story, where Tommy Shelby – who begins as this nihilistic, looking-out only for his family person – will be redeemed, and he will become good.”

peaky blinder season 5 netflix?

With all of that said, it’s hardly like he’s going to say “season five’s good, but it’s not quite season two… maybe just watch that again instead?


Just to reiterate…

Is Peaky Blinders season 5 on Netflix?

Yes it is. As of the fourth of October, you can watch season five of Peaky Blinders on the streaming service.

Is Peaky Blinders violent?



If you want to get a feel of what to expect, Helen McCrory spoke about how violent the new season is, saying:

I’ve only seen episode one, and there’s a whole bit […]

I look away from the screen. I, as Helen, can’t watch it. I think it’s disgusting, gratuitous violence. It is… no, not gratuitous – disgustingly violent.

But it is. And it should be. I think it’s much more disturbing than somebody slashes somebody’s face or somebody shoots somebody and it’s all just the end of it.


Images via BBC