People Are Already Selling The Puppies They Got For Christmas

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, World
Published 09.01.20

People are already trying to sell the dogs they got for Christmas as the pressure of raising a puppy has proved too much for them.

It’s one of the most well-known slogans going – a puppy is for life, not for Christmas – and yet people still elect to ignore it, buying puppies for their family as Christmas rolls along.

Obviously it mostly works out delightfully, with people adoring the latest additions to their family, but sometimes people get carried away with the romance of buying a puppy and having them part of their lives to extent that they simply overlook the admin and logistics involved.


Puppies need almost constant and consistent care, something people with full-time jobs and no-one staying at home with the dog can’t offer.

Somehow this is easily forgotten by many people and now dogs all over the country are being sold on Gumtree and other such sites.


You’d think with the people’s need to re-home their dogs, they’d maybe lower the cost but no, as well as being shortsighted they’re being greedy, asking for in excess of £900.

Granted, some are going for free, but that’s not really the point.

not just for christmas


One ad for a Cane Corso puppy read:

Bully is a puppy we got As a Christmas present we don’t really know if he has got any of his injections done.

He is really friendly and loves cuddles he is good with other dogs as-well but we haven’t got the time to look after him because everybody in our household works, or goes school and we have already got ourselves a little dog and we wasn’t ready for another.”



Another, more understandable, posted ad for a Chavacon puppy reads:

I got a Cavachon puppy for Xmas for my kids but my son is allergic to it she s just 12 weeks [old]“.

As per Charity Trust Dogs, they strongly advise against buying a dog for Christmas, especially if it’s over the internet. By buying a puppy online, it’s unlikely you’re getting the full picture. The spokesperson continued:


It’s very easy nowadays to choose a puppy at the click of a button but not all adverts give the full picture and the pups could even have been illegally imported into the country.

We would always encourage potential dog owners to do their research first, especially before buying online.”

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