The new Netflix Documentary The Social Dilemma sheds light on how social media tracks the movement of people and viewers are shocked by the facts presented.

Netflix has been responsible for many thrilling documentaries but The Social Dilemma is frightening some viewers who have not considered how social media applications work or their influence.

The documentary speaks to some of the minds behind social media technology that is used in the likes of Facebook and Instagram and discusses its impact. The influence of social media applications is covered extensively and topics range from the tracking of personal data to the psychological impact that apps can have. Safe to say, people are shocked at the amount of data companies have on them as well as how they use this data for other means.

Somewhat ironically a lot of viewers have taken to social media to discuss the documentary but the film does seem to be encouraging viewers to pause and think about their social media interaction. Whether any radical changes happen on the back of this documentary remains to be seen but it is clearly having an impact on its audience, and for many, that will be enough of a reason to watch.

The Social Dilemma is on Netflix now.