I don’t know how to put this… a chunk of raw chicken crawled off a dinner plate at a restaurant and it’s absolutely rancid.

It doesn’t take a lot to put me off my dinner. Honestly anything could happen and I’ll just quietly push my plate away and sigh.

Something as innocuous as a bit of gristle’s enough. Feel that in a bite of my burger and dinner’s ruined. I can’t relax after that. The other day a few of us went for burgers and Josh found a long hair in his. I was lucky I’d already finished my food because that would have ended my lunch. He carried on though, bizarrely.


Joshua Rogers is braver than the troops.

With all of that in mind, if this had happened while I was at a restaurant, I think I may have packed in eating altogether for the rest of my life.

Taken at a cook-it-yourself restaurant, the viral footage shows a chunk of raw chicken twitching before it starts “crawling” off the plate and off the table entirely.


People in the background can be heard screaming as, genuinely, it looks like something from The Thing. I thought Kurt Russell was going to run at one point and shoot the place up.

Whatttt Thaaaa Fuckkkkk 🤮… This was not recorded by me… all I did was repost the video TheShade Room

Posted by Rie Phillips on Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Having a plate of raw chicken on your dinner table is pretty gross as it is and call me old fashioned, but when it starts crawling, I’m not feeling it.


The Twitter responses are pretty funny…


I suppose the question is whether or not this is real. It certainly looks real – we’ve all seen those videos of someone pouring soy sauce over an octopus and it squirming about – but you have to ask, why was someone just filming some raw chicken? Maybe they saw it twitch a bit and got their phone out to document it? Who knows.

Either way it’s bloody repulsive and I’m not going to eat chicken for a good three hours now.

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