People Are Losing It Over This Video Of ‘The Witcher’s’ Henry Cavill Talking About Swords

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Published 30.01.20

People are losing it over this video of The Witcher’s Henry Cavill talking about swords

As it’s #ThirstyThursday and this is basically porn.

Well, porn to gay geeks like me.

This brand-new promo video for The Witcher is basically four minutes of muscle flexing and innuendos – and people are loving it. Including me. I’m quite clearly here for every second of it.

But real talk – if you’re in anyway a Witcher fan, generally geeky, or just a bit thirsty, I implore you to carry on reading.

season 2 the witcher

Just Henry Cavill talking about his sword(s)

Netflix shared this thirst-quencher of a video just when so many of us needed it this week– right at the home stretch of January. I have to confess, I’m so f**king desperate for an alcoholic drink, that I swear a bottle of beer in my fridge actually started talking to me yesterday; beckoning me like some mythological siren. I’m never doing Dry January again. I can’t.

Anyway, the steamy video (steam is subjective) – officially titled Henry Cavill Explains Everything You Need To Know About The Witcher’s Swords – Cavill introduces viewers to the swords he wielded in the first season of Netflix’s The Witcher. Which, I have to say, the guy seems to have a deep, close personal relationship with.

Making me officially jealous of inanimate objects.

The Witcher Henry Cavill Netflix

The Witcher’s sword

Cavill explains:

“A Witcher’s sword is intended to kill both men and monsters – made from meteorite, which is stronger and more durable than steel.

“The addition of Renfri’s brooch on the hilt signifies Geralt’s reinforcement of his beliefs; that he shouldn’t get involved in the affairs of men, because they always lead to his own personal pain. 

Geralt’s silver sword

He then moves on to Geralt’s famous silver sword. He says:

“For monsters of a magical nature, that requires something a little more special.

“Silver, normally useless because of its malleability and how soft it is, against a monster, which is magical in nature, is deadly. The majority of cases, this is what will be required.”

Honestly, it’s like a manly lullaby. Cavill continues:

“The swords have no power of their own. The true power of what a Witcher can do lies within his training. If you were to give this sword to an ordinary person, it is just a deadly and sharp weapon. But in the hands of a Witcher it can change destiny.”

See fellas, don’t blame the sword, blame the person wielding it.

He continues, as he looks at his sword longingly {almost erotically}:

“The design and the style of the sword became very very important to me after I’d wielded it for a couple of episodes. And due to the manner in which Geralt fights, the sword has to be available, at any time, at any angle and he must be able to flick it through his wrist and if he can’t do that, his fight style doesn’t work.”

There’s that innuendo I was talking about it.

Henry Cavill discusses swordplay on set

He continues:

“There were different versions of the swords made. There was a lightweight version which we used for most combat. A lightweight version is safer because if I were to put a foot wrong or a strike wrong, no one gets injured. It’s more of a bruise, rather than a broken limb or cut skin. When we involved anything close to the face, we had rubber swords. So you’re not going to hurt someone; you’re not going to mark their face and therefore give hair and makeup a nightmare to deal with for the next few months. 

He rounds things off by saying:

“Thank you for allowing me to explain how a Witcher uses these certain tools of his trade.”

The internet is loving Henry’s sword chat

So pointless, but I’m so glad I’ve seen it.

I could listen to Henry Cavill read microwave instructions to me and be perfectly content.

The peculiar video only dropped on YouTube yesterday and it has already racked up over 260,000 views and an endless supply of comments (some, naturally, on the thirsty side), including:

“Never read any of the books or played any of the games but seeing him so balls deep in the lore and everything makes me want to watch the show”

Another viewers commented:

“I like to imagine that unlike most rich actors he’s like ‘sweet, paycheck. That’ll go to some armor in World of Warcraft we going raiding lads!’ An awesome nerdy bloke and fantastic actor.”
And another, ’cause I literally can’t get enough of them:

“Finally, a video of Henry Cavill talking about his sword.”

What was the point of all of this?

It needed a point?

Well, technically it was just a promo video to encourage any cultural stragglers to watch the first season of The Witcher on Netflix. If you’re one of them, you can’t sit with us.

I’m joking, of course you can.

But you really should consider watching The Witcher imminently, if you haven’t already. Not only is The Witcher on track to become the most-watched season one show in Netflix history, but Season 2 mania has already begun – which means even more sword-play and chat is on the horizon.


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