People Are Roasting This Dialect Coach For Her Appalling Irish Accent Lesson

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Funny, News
Published 16.05.19
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This woman teaching an Irish accent has done a terrible job and it’s hilarious.

Similar to when people say they can do a “British” accent and really only sort-of mimic about one square mile of London, saying “Irish” accent is very vague.

Though it’s not a big place compared to say, Australia, it’s still big enough to have regional accents and though they all sound different, absolutely none of them sound like this.

The dialect coach starts by saying the Irish accent “small and melodic”, whatever that means, before she tells you to pronounce “flower” as “floooywr” and so on.

It really is a bizarre attempt at an accent that you need to hear to believe…

The responses are predictably brilliant…

So weird. So funny.

She actually sounds Scottish at certain points. Very peculiar.

Images via Twitter, Getty

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