People Are Rushing To Jason Momoa’s Defence After He Was Shamed For His ‘Dad Bod’

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, World
Published 11.07.19

Jason Momoa apparently has a dad bod now and people have the nerve to shame him for it.

He’s a gorgeous man isn’t he, old Momoa? Just a pretty guy doing some acting and in general walking around looking like some kind of demigod.

I would say something like “uugghh it’s not fair how good he looks,” but I have literally never done anything to get in the same sort of shape as him and I’m too impatient to grow my hair out, so that wouldn’t really seem right.


The thing is though, whenever you see these ridiculously toned actors in shirtless scenes in superhero films – Momoa, Holland, all the Chrises – those are almost always shot first in the production schedule. The actors do insane amounts of training, dehydrate themselves and keep weights on set to get a pump, shoot their shirtless scene and then more of less let go for the rest of the production.

superhero actor workouts

It would be obscene to assume that these actors maintain their greek statue-esque bodies in their personal lives, yet because Jason Momoa ever so slightly let go when on holiday in Venice, he’s getting abuse from it.

The picture, shared by US Weekly, showed showed the Hawaiian actor looking a bit less toned than usual, and many of the comments weren’t so accommodating…


I mean he still looks good, right?


In fact I’d argue that this is maybe a bit much…

jason momoa body

Maybe not? I’m not in the position to comment on anyone’s body.

The nasty comments included:

Omg, what happened to the abs?😢” Oh my god I can put emojis in articles???


Seems to me he doesn’t have the same buff bod he had in Aquaman.”

While the words “dad bod” came up more than a few times.


There was also this comment…

I don’t know if I want to start at the top and work my way down or start at the bottom and work my way up….🤔”


He’s got more than his fair share of supporters though…



Honestly as if people are saying he looks bad?!

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