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People Are Scared Of Close-up Photo Of Rat's Eye


Social media can be a surprising educator at times. The people are scared of close-up photo of rat's eye when recently, a Reddit post was made about it.

The viral post features the owner's pet rat peering out of its cage during the golden hour, the camera capturing its large, bulging eyes that are seemingly looking in opposite directions. The caption accompanying the photo read, "Did you ever wonder what a rat's eye looks like?" Reactions were a mix of disbelief and curiosity.

One user commented, "Loosen its necktie before taking the next picture." The remark highlighting the unnatural posture of the rat's eyes elicited chuckles, but it also sparked a debate.

Another user chimed in, saying, "This photo does NOT help the rat cause at all," defending the animal that often suffers from a bad reputation.

However, some knowledgeable individuals pointed out there might be a scientific explanation for the rat's peculiar eyes.

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One user explained about bruxing:

Sometimes when they do this they get into it and their eyes will actually bulge in and out really quickly.- Reddit User

What Is Bruxing?

Bruxing in pet rats involves the repetitive grinding of their front incisors, an activity with multi-layered implications. In the unique anatomy of a rat, the jaw muscle actually passes behind the eyeball. This means when a rat engages in bruxing, the muscle's rapid movements can cause their already bulbous eyes to pop out even more.

The primary purpose of bruxing is to wear down the rat's constantly growing teeth. Like many rodents, rats have teeth that never stop growing and need regular wear to prevent misalignment and subsequent health issues such as abscesses and eating difficulties. However, bruxing alone is not a substitute for a healthy diet, appropriate toys, and overall proper care—factors that are also essential for dental health.

Just as cats purr when they are relaxed, bruxing is often observed when rats are content and at ease. However, it's not always a positive sign. Rats might also engage in bruxing when they are anxious, stressed, or in pain.

This means that pet owners need to pay attention to other behaviors and the overall health of their rat when they notice bruxing. For example, if your rat is not eating or drinking normally or shows other signs of discomfort, immediate veterinary attention may be necessary.

A hand holding the head of a white rat with his eyes bulging.
A hand holding the head of a white rat with his eyes bulging.

As disconcerting as the image may seem, a rat boggling could actually be a sign of a happy rat. "It just means they're super duper happy but man it freaks me out the first time," the user continued.

Thus, if you see your pet rat's eyes bulging out in this manner, it may mean that your tiny friend is quite content.

The ripple effect of this rat's-eye revelation on Reddit didn't stop there. Another rodent parent shared a video showing how quickly their rat could climb up a toilet bowl. The post garnered mixed reactions, with one user responding, "New fear unlocked."

Though rats are often met with squeamishness or outright revulsion, rats are interesting. A surprising study by the RSPCA revealed that approximately 200,000 rats are kept as pets across the UK. However, there seems to be a significant gap in our collective knowledge concerning their day-to-day well-being. The Reddit posts have opened up a new avenue for discussions, leading many to reconsider their stance on rats.

Whether you view these rodents as adorable pets or pesky nuisances, there's no denying that the close-up photo has sparked a broader discussion about rats and their enigmatic lives.

As we continue to explore the intricacies of the animal kingdom, social media stands as a potent tool, capable of both enlightening us and making us question the world around us.

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