People Are Selling McDonald’s Big Macs And Chicken Nuggets On eBay

AvatarHannah Humphreys
Published 26.03.20

For many people who are left out of work amid the UK’s coronavirus lockdown – money is tight.

Businesses across the country have been forced to close, many of which are small and medium sized enterprises and sole traders which is, understandably, prompting people to diversify, get entrepreneurial and start making some much needed cash some other way.

Even if that does mean capitalising on McDonald’s recent closure and flogging some of the chain’s menu staples on eBay.


Not sure it’s ever gonna be a big earner and I expect it’s all a bit of a joke to the eBay users who are listing their ‘nearly full box’ of chicken nuggets on the platform for auction particularly when the listing description reads:

“Nearly new full box of nuggets with 6 missing will swap for a 4 roll of Andrex quilted toilet paper”.

“McDonalds Chicken Nuggets. Condition is Used. Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class”.

So, if you find yourself in desperate times amid McDonald’s closure you can always bag yourself some cold chicken nuggets to reheat at home – although I wouldn’t advise it.

Elsewhere on the auction site you can also get your hands on a McDonald’s cheeseburger which is currently described as ‘new’ with one bid at £0.99.

Another listing describes an ‘Authentic McDonald’s Big Mac’ that is being sold in its original box (we always like that), alongside its original receipt (top stuff).


Current bids stand at £13.50 which is a nice, tidy profit.The listing states that all proceeds will be going to charity – so, even better.

The description reads: “This is a collector’s item only and I DO NOT recommend eating this burger”.

“Please note that while all measures have been put in place to ensure the pristine condition of this burger the likelihood of this burger deteriorated is high”.

Adding: “100% of all proceeds of the sale will go to our amazing NHS staff on the frontline battling this virus”.

Following suit, another eBayer is selling a bundle of eight frozen McDonald’s double cheeseburgers (with gherkins) saying that they’re ‘Good For The End Of The World’ with all proceeds from the sale going to a ‘corona-charity’ of the seller’s choice.

There are no current bids and the starting price is set at £19.99.

We applaud the seller’s charitable efforts but do not recommend eating any of the products if you decide to whack in a bid for a good cause.