We all have them, those little quirks that make us individual but you’re not usually keen to shout about them. There’s then another set of traits that are uniquely British, too.

People are sharing on Twitter some of their #AwfullyBritishGuiltyPleasures – from Freddo’s to passive aggression, they’re all here.

Here are some of the best.

1) The price of chocolate

2) The classic pass-agg tutting


3) Bagging the best seats on the bus

4) Because one is never enough

 5) Becoming a culinary expert when watching TV

6) Complaining about the weather

7) Arguing over slang

8) Sneaking the best chocolates

9) Preferably with an eye-roll

10) The finest cuisine

11) It never gets old

12) Are you even a parent if you don’t say this once

13) Scone or Scone?

14) More excellent sandwiches

15) We really like scones and arguing

16) More TV judgement

17) Yes or no?

18) It’s the simple things

19) Bring it on, Linda

20) Thank you, GBBO

21) You rebel!

22) You too

23) Are they getting smaller or are you just bigger?

Are you guilty of any of these?