People Are Taking To Social Media To Show Off Their Bodged Self-Isolation Haircuts

AvatarHannah Humphreys in Funny, UK
Published 27.03.20

Fears of coming out of self-isolation in 12-weeks’ time looking like a prehistoric caveman are very much real, or so it appears.

The tolls of quarantine measures imposed by the UK government to slow the spread of coronavirus have officially taken their toll, as people who forgot to get their mops chopped before lockdown are attempting to do the job at home.

Unfortunately, many of us are not accustomed to styling and cutting our own barnets.

Skin fades in particular seem to be going disastrously wrong for many blokes who have let their girlfriend’s/mum’s loose on their hair.


Some dads have even let the kids get involved in the fun – epic mistake.

Practice doesn’t always make perfect – I mean hairdressers and barbers spend years training in their professions, and other than when we were about 5-years old determined to style our own hair and gain some street-cred, it’s really not advisable to do it yourself.

Unless of course you don’t mind looking like a Poundland Tommy Shelby.

It seems a lot of people have entrusted Google to give them some tips as internet searches for ‘how to cut your own hair’ spike in recent days.

Probably better than taking this guy’s advice though.

So, let’s take a look at some of the results to see if anyone really has this DIY trend mastered.

One Twitter user named Daniel allowed his girlfriend Sophie an attempt at a skin fade, suggesting she should shave his hair smoothly graduating from shorter at the bottom to longer on top.

The end result: a jagged looking tuft of hair at the top of Daniel’s head.

Daniel’s snap has racked up over 145k likes on Twitter and we are kinda taken with his comment that he looks like he’s ‘about to nuke America’.

For Jake, things probably should have been left as they were.

Jake shared a photo of what he was hoping for and then added a pic of what he got.

The snap was captioned: “My isolation trim is now a 2 all over”.

Um, I don’t really have words.

It’s not even remotely similar.

Poor lad.

At least he has 12-weeks to grow it out before his first real outing in public.

20-year old, Matt also trusted his missus with a pair of clippers.

There is a lesson to be learned here boys – leave it to the professionals.

Images via Twitter