People Are Tearing Into Apple For Charging $1000 For A Monitor Stand (Without The Monitor)

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Funny, News
Published 05.06.19

Apple want you to pay $1000 for the new Pro Stand for their latest desktop Mac monitor and that’s just a tiny bit very ridiculous.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen any other company have the audacity to charge extra for the thing that literally holds the initial product – which is already extortionate – up. That would be like Mercedes charging $12,000 for your car to be given to you with wheels.

But that’s not it. You see, unlike previous desktop Macs, this new one consists of a separate computer and monitor. The price for the computer starts at a huge $6000 and the monitor will set you back $5000.

That’s already $11,000 minimum if you’re going for the worst possible model, and then you have to fork out an extra $1000 if you don’t want to have to prop the monitor against a box of something.


Apple really are taking the piss, charging you essentially an iPhone Xs to make sure your new $11,000 computer doesn’t fall over, especially since it’ll probably be obsolete in a year.

It’s fair to say the people of Twitter have been mercilessly trolling Apple…




So what would you rather; a snazzy computer, or a mortgage?

The choice is yours.

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