People Have Been Adding Famous Laughs To This Joker Scene And It’s Disturbingly Funny

Max JenkinsMax Jenkins in Entertainment, Film, Funny
Published 09.10.19

The Joker’s laugh is as legendary as the character. Whenever a new actor is cast in the role, the defining quality that everyone waits to hear is the signature laugh that keeps us awake at night. As anticipated, Joaquin Phoenix’s attempt succeeded in giving me chills the first time I heard it watching the movie.

But someone thought it would be hilarious to turn such a dark and serious film into a joke (ironic I know), dubbing a scene in which Arthur Fleck laughs compulsively with the iconic laugh of Seth Rogen.


And they were right. It is hysterical.

Check it out:

Who would ever have imagined that Seth Rogen’s laugh, which is considered by some to be funnier than his actual comedy. Not me, I love that guy man, Knocked Up is still my favourite comedy twelve years on …

But anyway, Twitter users have been so inspired by the comedic take on the otherwise eerie scene by inserting their own celebrity laughs for the sh*ts and gigs.


For example, one Family Guy fan opted for the irritating titter of Peter Griffin, as voiced by Seth McFarlane, whilst another picked boyish Tobey Maguire’s ape-like shriek:

Fans of La Casa de Papel will recognise the sheeplike baa of its character Denver, whereas a page dedicated entirely to Bill Hader’s ‘seagull’ laugh also managed to appropriate the giggle into the scene, giving Joker an almost maritime retelling:



Comedians were naturally the most popular choice. Ricky Gervais and Jimmy Carr, whom I swear Graham Norton deliberately tickles just to treat the audience to side-splitting comedy, were also used:


But it isn’t just real lifers who found their laugh put the use – Patrick from Spongebob, as voiced by Bill Fagerbakke, also lent his voice to the scene:

Even non-actors like musician Harry Styles (who kind of is an actor after starring in Dunkirk) and football manager Jurgen Klopp made it into the lists:

For anyone wondering, women were also used in this meme. We all recognise the nails-on-a-chalkboard like whine of Janice from Friends, as well as the weirdly convincing cackle of Nicki Minaj:


And who could dare forget the monumental chortle of the one and only Samuel L Jackson to brighten up everyone’s day:

So yes, for anyone wondering, it looks like you can make light of a tricky situation. Unless, of course, you are actually Arthur Fleck and you’re spiralling into madness, but whatever. It’s nearly Christmas.