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People In India Are Bathing In Cow Poop Claiming It ‘Cures’ Coronavirus


People in India are bathing in cow poop claiming it ‘cures’ Coronavirus- I was just saying recently that individuals making rushes over products like tissue rolls were crazy yet I take everything back and trust you can excuse me for moving too soon.

Most recent newscrisp out of cow s*** showers in southern India because the cow is one of the sacred animals in Hindu religion proposes that certain individuals there are most certainly outshining the people who simply need to keep their arse clean.

Cows walking on the roads
Cows walking on the roads

Truth be told people in India are bathing in cow poop claiming it ‘cures’ Coronavirus, these individuals are in a real sense washing in poop as they solidly accept a cow manure shower holds the fix to Covid.

Obviously, it will make you insusceptible or so matey says.

"Cow poop bath is yet another coronavirus 'cure."

https://t.co/TScBxM79Z5 pic.twitter.com/menRoWb7dw

— New York Post (@nypost) March 10, 2020

The men should be visible really savoring a cow butt nugget shower - in any event, plunging under the no question microbe-ridden 'water' ascending to the surface again coming from one ear to another.

People performing religious ritual after bathing in cow poop
People performing religious ritual after bathing in cow poop

One of the men says:

"The whole world is terrified of the deadly virus outbreak”.

"If we all started taking cow dung baths, we will attain immunity from the virus”.

What are your thoughts on this?


I mean throughout the long term there have been a few pretty insane option 'medications' that have had individuals raving, including pee wellbeing tonics which guarantee to fix malignant growth, heart illness, sensitivities, diabetes, and asthma.

The training has been around for millennia, however, no health advantage has at any point been demonstrated - yet obviously, it's truly supporting the body.

Yet, we suppose that is just the people who really devour healthful food sources like products of the soil including foods and vegetables.

Presumably not best exhorted for the people who push around a stem of broccoli on their plate just one time each year and their fundamental eating routine staples comprise of Maccy D's or KFC.

Indian women wearing saree performing religious ritiual
Indian women wearing saree performing religious ritiual

Yet, besides that, all of us are for a brew spa.

However, it's something else for its enemy of oxidizing properties and further developing the skin's tone than really being a solution for anything vile.

The liquor even retains through the skin which is said to assist you with unwinding.

Pissed skin cells - sounds epic.

Question: I'll make a beeline for my nearby homestead at any point in the near future (and there are a lot of those in the Westcountry).

I mean have you at any point taken a whiff of a slurry pit?!

I could never exhort washing in one that is without a doubt.

People Also Ask

Why Is The Cow Sacred In India?

Hindus don't believe the cow to be a Hindu cow god and they don't adore it. Hindus, in any case, are veggie lovers and they believe the cow to be a holy image of life that ought to be safeguarded and respected. In the Vedas, the most seasoned of the Hindu sacred texts, the cow is related to Aditi, the mother of the multitude of divine beings.

Why Are Cows Important In Indian Culture?

Why are cows sacred? It addresses Mother Earth, as it is a wellspring of goodness and its milk feeds all animals. Krishna, a focal Hindu god, is in many cases depicted in stories relating his life as a cowherd and alluding to him as the kid who safeguards cows.

Do Indians Eat Cows?

Around 80 million Indians eat meat, including in excess of 12 million Hindus, as per government information distributed by the Indian business paper Mint after the Akhlaq murder. Exchange dairy cattle and water bison (a connected ox-like animal variety) gives livelihoods to a large number of others.


You'd most likely pass on from suffocating or contract a distraught cow illness of some sort because people in India are bathing in cow poop claiming it ‘cures’ Coronavirus.

Have you ever heard about starling murmuration?

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