People Keep Photoshopping Their Own Cats Into Goose’s ‘Captain Marvel’ Poster

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, Film
Published 12.03.19
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I watched Captain Marvel the other day and I liked it.

It was a genuinely good film and I was pleasantly surprised. I made the mistake of accidentally listening to sexists, so I’d been led to believe that it was going to be awful.

It wasn’t. The film, like most MCU entries, had it’s issues but generally is was an entertaining and provocative ride from start to finish and I’m glad I saw it.

One thing that was blown out of proportion though was the role that Goose the cat played. I get it, it was funny to see Fury doting over it while Carol was understandably stoic, but it really didn’t play that huge a part in the film, only adding around four comic relief and one scarring for life (spoilers?).

But now people are calling for the “cat” to get it’s own spin-off film or TV show or something. What would it be about? No clue.

I mean, in theory it’s entirely possible since there was once a Hawkeye comic that was set entirely from the perspective of Hawkeye’s pet dog, Lucky. That was pretty cool, I’m just not sure how something similar about a (space) cat would translate on screen.

In the meantime though, people are loving Goose so much that they’ve started emulating its grandeur with their own cats, Photoshopping them into the Goose character poster…

The wonders of Twitter never cease.

Images via Marvel/Twitter