People Think The David Attenborough Boat Looks Just Like Hulk Hogan

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Published 04.10.19

The internet is saying that the Sir David Attenborough boat looks like Hulk Hogan and frankly, I agree.

Usually, when people say you look like something, you get compared to a celebrity, animal or a distant relative you didn’t even know existed. My mum once said I looked like a bearded woman when my cheek acne got out of control – cheers mum.


But never have I, or anyone I know, ever been compared to a boat. It just doesn’t seem possible to resemble one, unless you’re comparing a person floating in a pool with a boat then maybe.

However, when you see the uncanny resemblance to Hulk Hogan and Boaty McBoatface, you won’t be able to un-see it.

It’s like starting at Hulk Hogan’s lost twin boat brother right?


The people of Twitter seem to think so and Richard Innes had no trouble spotting it first. He tweeted recently about how the large red boat with two white banners opposite each other and a moustache shaped bow looks spookily like the wrestling legend.

Over 11,000 twitter users liked his post which has piped up the interest of many more users. Some have even shared their own opinions on the matter.

One man has a Boaty Mcboatface fan page, which has grown in numbers recently.


In case you’re unaware, a poll was made in 2016 for the public to vote for the new name of the infamous red polar ship. A joke suggestion by a voter became well-liked and attracted a whooping 124000 votes, with the runner up having only 90,000.

Although Boaty McBoatface, a name that went viral after former BBC radio Jersey presenter James Hand suggested it, was the popular option, it was decided that the name was far too ridiculous and so they settled with Sir David Attenborough.


On September 26th, Kate and Wills were present at the naming ceremony alongside Sir David himself, who I’m sure would’ve preferred Boaty McBoatface. It just has a better ring to it.

If Hulk Hogan is on board with what he’s been compared to, then I think Hulky McBoatface would be suitable. Or maybe Boaty McHoganface. Sadly, I could actually invent more…

Images via Twitter