People Think This Scene In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Proves Who’s Next On Arya’s Kill List

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in Entertainment, TV
Published 14.05.19

There are, of course, spoilers in this article. What are you expecting?

Game Of Thrones fans think they’ve worked out who’s next on Arya Stark’s kill list and who she’s going after in episode 6.

I was about to say that Arya Stark is the unsung hero of Game Of Thrones, but now Daenerys has actually gone full Mad Queen, and Jon is basically an extra these days, I’d say she’s very much the ‘sung’ hero of the piece.


Anyone that despatches of such formidable foe like the Night King deserves the upmost respect in my eyes, and I know people have been heavily critical of ‘character development’ and ‘character arcs’ during this season, but Arya’s has been glorious.

Of course, “The Bells” – the most recent episode of the new season – was all about the destruction of King’s Landing, which left Arya dodging falling debris and dragonfire in order to escape.

It was a pretty beautiful way to end the episode, seeing Arya ride off into the distance, setting up episode six which you can watch the trailer for below:

From this teaser, people think they’ve worked out who’s next on Arya’s kill list.

They reckon she’s added none other than Daenerys “Mad Queen” Targaryen to it, fulfilling Melisandre’s prophecy in the process.

During the Battle of Winterfell, at a crucial moment, Melisandre reminds Arya that she’s destined to kill certain people.


“You said we’d meet again,” Arya tells Melisandre. “You said I’d shut many eyes forever. You were right about that, too.”

The Red Priestess replies knowingly, “Brown eyes, green eyes—and blue eyes.”

With the brown eyes referring to Walder Frey, and the blue eyes obviously meaning the White Walkers, many thought the green eyes meant Cersei – but could they actually be Daenerys?

Furthermore, Arya has said a number of times she wants to kill the queen, and now Cersei’s gone, there’s only one queen left. The Mad Queen.


Interestingly, another moment I’ve briefly alluded to also has fans speculating.

While King’s Landing was burning, Arya thankfully managed to escape relatively unscathed, in no small part due to a white horse waiting for her to whisk her away.

As D.B. Weiss explained in the post-episode explanation, via TIME:

We knew that the Hound would be convincing her to part ways with him and to not go to her death.

And once she decides she needs to get out of the city, well she’s in the worst possible place you can be. So she’s gotta get from that central point all the way outside the walls of the city. It’s the longest, hardest journey anybody has to make in the entire episode.”

But hold on a minute. Where did that horse come from?


Both Arya and the horse share a moment where it’s almost like they recognise one another, and fans have theorised that the white horse was actually being controlled by Bran.

Fans believe the Three-Eyed Raven had warged into the horse and rode into the city to find Arya and help her escape.

And how cool is this?

The little girl who Arya tried to save in the episode was holding a toy white horse, exactly like the one Arya was saved by herself. It also looked like she was trying to give it to Arya one point, perhaps because she knew it would save her?

Still, if Bran did warg into the horse – did he do it because he’s looked into the future and saw Arya’s destiny to kill Daenerys?


Or was he just doing it out of brotherly love?

We’ll probably never know, but it’s fun to guess.

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