As if 2021 wasn’t bad enough, our beloved Percy Pigs could be under threat due to Brexit.

Everyone’s favourite pig-shaped sweets could fall victim to new regulations. Marks and Spencer boss Steve Rowe warns that despite the free trade agreement with the EU,  new rules could impact shipments. These include ones between Ireland, the Czech Republic and France.

M&S says it is “actively working to mitigate” the problems.

“Essentially, there is about a third of the product in our food business that is subject to very complex rules of origin arrangements, around the components within it, and how much has been altered in the UK,” says Mr Rowe.

“Depending on that there is a variable tariff. Any product that’s manufactured in Europe, comes to the UK and is then redistributed to somewhere like Republic of Ireland also, potentially faces a tariff,” he continues.

“So, the best example is Percy Pig is actually manufactured in Germany. If it comes to the UK and we then send it to Ireland, in theory, he would have some tax on it.” Maybe you should stock up on Percy Pigs, just in case.

Worse Before It Gets Better

Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove says there could be initial disruption, which “will get worse before it gets better”.

“There are specific issues that arise because Northern Ireland has a land border with the European Union that is covered by the protocol, part of the Withdrawal Agreement that we have with the European Union, and we are working with supermarkets to ensure that Northern Ireland consumers can have an uninterrupted supply of the products they are used to enjoy,” he said.

“We’ve been working with ministers in the Northern Ireland executive – from the DUP and all parties – in order to make sure the protocol works, that business in Northern Ireland can continue to have access to the rest of the UK market and Northern Ireland consumers can have access to the goods they need on the shelves.”

“We said that there would be some initial disruption, we’re ironing it out but the situation will get worse before it gets better.”

Oh dear.

Percy Pig News

If you fancy something different than the normal Percy Pig sweets, there are some treats coming soon.

Who wants a boring old easter egg when you can have a giant Percy made out of chocolate?

Percy has also been a surprise star on TikTok, too.


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Who knew that a pink pig would be so iconic?

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