I’d never really understood the fuss about IKEA until very recently a very bored girlfriend and I decided to have a mooch around our local store.

And all I can say is, yeah, I finally get it now.

Pretending you’re a couple living in their faux dining rooms ala 500 Days Of Summer is all well and good, but it’s their canteen that really sold Sweden’s second best export to me (first is obviously Zlatan).

The greens, the meatballs, the Daim cheesecake. It’s generally bloody excellent grub.

Is it socially acceptable to just go in there for a meal without leaving?

Anyway, IKEA is a haven, as feline lovers have also recently found out, as they’ve been pur-chasing IKEA beds intended for children to use for their dolls, for their cats.

IKEA’s £13 ($15 USD) DUKTIG Doll’s Bed are currently being sold with the intention of “[encouraging] make-believe play” for young children and their toys, but pet owners have decided to ignore all that and let their cats have at them.

There’s a load of people on Instagram who have shared pictures of their cats in them and in all honesty it’s vey cute stuff.

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I usually find it a bit unnerving all this humanising cats and dogs.

We’ve got a couple across the road from us who take their cat out for walks on a leash – it just doesn’t look right.

I’ll make an exception for this though because it’s super cute.

Plus I love IKEA.

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