Phillip Schofield shares a drunken video of himself indulging in a block of cheese after the This Morning Christmas party, just hours before interviewing Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Phillip Schofield: he’s like a relative to us Brits.


Tbh, he has had more of an impact on my life in recent years than most of my actual family.

I listen to him, cry with him, relate to him, take advice from him, and I always laugh with/at him; and this time, it’s his drunken Snapchat antics that have made me chuckle.

This Morning 2019


After the This Morning Christmas party, the 57-year-old presenter posted a Snapchat video of himself at home, rooting for food to help sober him up like he’s 18 again.

Phillip informed his followers that the This Morning Christmas party was ‘heavy’. Judging by the presenter’s facial expressions and slurred speech, we’re guessing what he really meant is that he got absolutely wasted.

While most of us would opt for a kebab or a McDonalds after a night out, Schofield told all on Snapchat that his go-to post-binge drinking food is a block of cheese.

He even filmed himself eating the cheese for his fans, friends and family. After taking his first bite he said: “It is very good. I am almost happy”.

His fans took to Twitter to express how hilarious they found his antics:


Phillip continued by Snapchatting his advent calendar. He opened door five of the giant calendar – which made me feel totally insecure about my average-sized one – to reveal a bottle of Romeo’s Gin – a spirit created in Montreal, Canada.

I don’t think that’s going to help sober you up, Phillip!

What’s best is that these videos came just a few hours before his live interview with current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

It seems that Phillip feels the same way about the current state of British politics as the rest of us do.


Surprisingly, Phillip seemed as fresh as a daisy the next morning. He admitted to Snapchat that he didn’t deserve to feel so good after the night before.

Schofield felt so well that he and co-presenter Holly Willoughby even took a selfie with Boris!

Boris Johnson This Morning Selfie


I wonder if they said ‘cheese’…