Phillip Schofield’s toxic behaviour has drawn more criticism from fellow ITV stars, such as Amanda Holden and Connor Byrne.

Over the last few days, criticism has found its way to a target we would have assumed invulnerable and untouchable; a TV-presenting veteran whose pull comes from his lovable nature and general nice-guy act.


Alas, allegedly of course, Phillip Schofield’s toxic behaviour has resulted him being chastised by ITV stars and staff alike, leading to bosses of the TV channel considering a replacement for the 57-year-old.

This comes after fellow This Morning presenter Ruth Langsford made a formal complaint about Schofield after he “rudely interrupted” her back in April, and has recently been backed by Amanda Holden.

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Speaking on her Heart FM show, Holden – who has previous with Schofield – responded by saying:


Listen, I’ve drawn a line under all those issues with Phillip.

Well I’m just gonna say that I really admire anyone that sticks up for themselves because it is not an easy thing to do.

There is a tin opener and there’s a can somewhere and other people have found the tin opener. That’s all I’m saying.


So Ruth opened a can of worms, is what she said in a very roundabout manner.

An ITV spokesperson did try to write off any rumours, saying:


Phillip is a much respected broadcaster. This appears to be a desperate attempt to tarnish his reputation by maliciously motivated gossip.


What did Phillip Schofield do?

Rumours of eight ITV workers having issues with Scofe have been circulating, with the 57-year-old presenter apparently making it so Amanda Holden wouldn’t be picked to co-host This Morning with him when Holly Willoughby was in Australia last year to film I’m a Celeb.


Furthermore, there are rumours that he subsequently gave Holly a fair amount of criticism after she won a BAFTA for her work in Australia.

An ITV source told The Sun:

Phillip was furious. He didn’t want Holly mentioning her triumph when they reunited on This Morning.

It felt very petty and bitter for someone who is his close friend. But it felt like he was jealous.


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Another colleague added:

He is very jealous of Holly, who has remained a nice person despite her success.

Meanwhile, former Emmerdale and Tracy Beaker star Connor Byrne tweeted:

I’ve seen a lot of the nonsense on here about Philip Schofield’s encounter with the duplicitous Bulsh*t Johnson this morning and, having worked with Mr Schofield I can categorically state cuddly Phil is a total t**t. So, it’s no surprise.

Schofield only serves Schofield.


Time will tell what the next move is.

ITV bosses deny that they’re looking to Ben Shepherd to replace the man who literally has an advert currently running where he talks about how everyone likes him.

WeBuyAnyCar are going to have to look for a new mascot, aren’t they?

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