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Photos That Show Just How Serious California's Wildfires Are


While wildfires are being stoked by winds and exceptionally dry, hot weather, the redwood trees and cliff-lined beaches of California's Pacific coast have taken on an unsettlingly apocalyptic appearance.

This was the sky tonight in California. There’s no filter on this photo. This is earth in 2020. This is not good.- Ian Bassin (@ianbassin)

Check out this post:

California sky after wildfire tweet by Ian Bassin
California sky after wildfire tweet by Ian Bassin

The skies over San Francisco are resembling something out of "Blade Runner" due to the extremely thick and tall smoke plumes that are causing what is being called "fire thunderstorms" that totally block out the sun in certain areas of Northern California.

It is LITERALLY Blade Runner 2049 in California right now.- Kevin L. Lee (@Klee_FilmReview)

California celebrated its 170th birthday yesterday, but there isn't much time for celebrations since the fires are still raging.

Screenshot of Kevin Lee post showing California after wildfire
Screenshot of Kevin Lee post showing California after wildfire

The incredible scenes may represent how life on Mars may appear if Elon Muskhas his paws on it.

Officials report that thus far, the fire has claimed the lives of three people and damaged thousands of homes.

The worst air quality on the entire planet was reported in Northern California on August 19. Several people have trouble breathing as a result of this and the mask use brought on by COVID-19.

Scott Adams says,

This is the so-called “air” I am breathing in Northern California for weeks. There are no clouds. This is smoke. Yesterday I inadvertently ran out of asthma meds and my oxygen level hit 80%. (Currently 94%.)

Scott Adams Twitter post about California air after wildfire
Scott Adams Twitter post about California air after wildfire

Contrary to California's renowned golden hour, a crimson and orange haze covers the skies from sunrise to dusk.

Several locals compared it to a "nuclear winter," while others said it seemed "like the end of the world" to wake up to darker skies.


Apocalyptic images have been captured in several instances. But, we are hopeful that things will soon turn around and the Californian spirit will prevail.

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