The redwood forests and cliff-lined beaches of California’s Pacific coast have become eerily apocalyptic as winds and unusually dry, hot weather continue to fuel wildfires that are turning skies into a vivid amber blaze.

Extremely dense and tall smoke plumes are generating what is said to be “fire thunderstorms”, completely blocking out the sun across parts of Northern California and turning the skies above San Franciscan’s into something out of “Blade Runner”.


Yesterday marked California’s 170th birthday but as the blazes continue to rage, there isn’t much time for celebrations.

The extraordinary scenes could well depict what life on Mars will look like when Elon Musk gets his hands on it.

Homes have been lost and lives destroyed with officials stating there has so far been a total of three deaths due to the blaze.


On August 19, Northern California recorded the worst air quality in the world. This coupled with mask-wearing due to COVID-19 has left many people struggling to breathe.

Unlike CA’s coveted golden hour, the skies overhead remain in a red and orange haze from dawn to dusk.

Residents claim awaking to darkened skies felt “like the end of the world”, whilst others likened it to a “nuclear winter”.

Some of the shots captured are very apocalyptic.

But we hope it will soon get brighter and that the Californian spirit will pull through.