Can you see the likeness? Piers Morgan insists that Colin Firth would be the man to play him on the silver screen.

We’ve all thought about it at one time or another. Which A-Lister would play you in a film about your life?

Piers and the rest of the Good Morning Britain team were discussing just this. Piers chose The King’s Speech actor, and also assigned stars for the rest of his colleagues too.

He decided Susanna Reid would be played by the legendary Catherine Zeta-Jones – they’re both dark-haired but that’s about it.  Laura Tobin should be played by Martine McCutcheon according to Piers, and Dr Hilary Jones would be shown by George Clooney.

Piers joked that Colin would definitely be up for the role, too.

He laughed: “He rang me on my mobile phone and said, ‘Piers, it’s Colin Firth, we don’t know each other but I want to let you know that on principle, I never turn down work!’.

“[He said], ‘I should be very interested in playing you in a movie!’…so thank you Colin!” Piers exclaimed.

Home Alone 2

Viewers had other ideas though, and a joke that is the bane of Morgan’s life resurfaced.

Ever since his son tweeted the uncanny comparison, fans and viewers have been likening Piers to a character from Home Alone 2: Lost In New York.

Spencer kicked things off in 2018, when he tweeted that was watching the film and saw the likeness between the Pigeon Lady, played by Brenda Fricker, and his dad Piers.

Of course, Morgan talking about who should play him in a movie left the door wide open for the pigeon jokes to come in.

Piers replied with three angry faced emojis, in the comments. Sorry Piers, but Brenda is a much better match for you than Colin.

Praise For Piers

Piers regularly gets a lot of stick online for having controversial opinions or over the top reactions. He pretended to be sick in a bucket after trying a vegan sausage roll, and regularly calls people “snowflakes.”

However, he’s been praised recently for interviews with Matt Hancock following the free school meals scandal.

Piers is amused by the positive responses, and the fact most of them start with a particular phrase…

He’s also been praised recently ending his friendship with Donald Trump.

Becaue of the recent riots at the Capitol in the US, Piers took the step of publicly calling time on their longstanding friendship.

Piers called Trump “dangerous, deluded and despicable” as well as “a monster.”

He used his Daily Mail column as a platform to call time on it.

“I can’t remain friends… In the past year, he has morphed into a monster that I no longer recognise as someone I considered to be a friend and thought I knew.”

He continues: “I never imagined he would be capable of becoming what he’s now become. The deranged figurehead of a bunch of hard-right conspiracy-theory-fuelled fanatics intent on destroying American democracy.”

He adds: “I can’t remain friends with someone who says he ‘loves’ a bunch of violent Nazi sympathisers and white supremacists who’ve just launched a deadly attack on the epicentre of US democracy itself and thinks they’re special people.”

Are you a fan of Piers?

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