Piers Morgan Has Been Rowing With A Piece Of Broccoli

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Published 16.10.19

Piers Morgan clashes with activist Mr Broccoli on Good Morning Britain

That headline is technically fine as Mr Broccoli did say “I am just a broccoli, at the end of the day” on GMB, FYI.


Yep, Piers Morgan has officially argued with so many people that he’s resorted to bickering with actual broccoli.

Piers Morgan has been arguing with broccoli on Good Morning Britain

And to be fair to him, who hasn’t got into some sort of argument sparked by broccoli in their lives? I’m looking at you mum.

I’m 30 now and I’ll eat what I want.


Piers Morgan VS Mr Broccoli

Piers Morgan clashes with Mr Broccoli on GMB

Okay, fine, not quite a piece of broccoli, but Piers did get into a heated row with a man dressed up as a broccoli floret proclaiming on national television that he is “just a broccoli”. You say tomato…

The Good Morning Britain host came to blows with Mr Broccoli live on the ITV morning show on Wednesday (16 October).


Mr Broccoli has been trending on social media sites since he was arrested last week as part of an Animal Rebellion demonstration in London.

Now a free vegetable, Mr Broccoli was invited to the Good Morning Britain studios to talk to hosts Piers Morgan and Susannah Reid about his vegan lifestyle and views.

Mr Broccoli (dressed up in a suit for the occasion, I must add) used the opportunity to persuade the British public to convert to a plant-based diet for the sake of the planet.

He said: “My point is that environmentally speaking we’re in incredibly hot water and we do need to transition to a plant-based food system.”

Activist Mr Broccoli has been rowing with Piers Morgan

Naturally, Piers (who Mr Broccoli referred to as ‘Peas’) took issue, referring to Mr Broccoli as “an idiot”. Morgan responded by saying: “But you don’t know why, you don’t know the science.”

To which Mr Broccoli said: “I am just a broccoli, at the end of the day.”

Soon after Morgan had verbally thrown the vegetable into hot water, Mr Broccoli insisted he had to take a call, took a banana out of his pocket and and brought it to his ear like a phone.


Twitter weighs in

Naturally, Twitter had a fair few things to say.

It seems that Mr Broccoli’s television appearance has split opinion โ€“ much like the vegetable itself, really โ€“ with some praising the activist for making an impactful statement, and others… well. Here’s a nice mix for you.

Here’s a cute spin to the story. It seems that Mr Broccoli hasn’t take any of Morgan’s words to heart since their heated discussion. He tweeted the following soon after his appearance on the morning show.


Classic Piers rows

This is hardly the first time Piers Morgan has made headlines for his legendary on-screen rowing.

Whether it’s gender issues, feminism, mental health or James Bond, Morgan has something to say about it.

I’ll keep my views on Morgan short: I look forward to the day when Piers Morgan can only argue with a piece of broccoli, because everyone on Earth has collectively decided to ghost him.

That being said, I would quite like to see him much on some kangaroo testicles on I’m A Celeb, though. At least his mouth will be somewhat shut.

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