We all know Piers Morgan doesn’t shy away from a tussle. But this time, things have turned sour.

Piers’ family have installed a panic button after an anonymous troll sent the controversial TV presenter a concerning death threat.

The comment read: ‘@PiersMorgan you’re a marked man, calling the police, big tech or beefing up your security isn’t going to stop us getting to you, this isn’t a threat Piers it’s a promise, your getting killed. [sic].’

The vile comment was posted underneath a photo of Piers and his son.

In her Telegraph column, Piers’ wife Celia, who is also a journalist, told readers that “a security engineer came to install a panic button by our bed”.


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‘Rapid response unit’

She added that her phone number had been registered with a “rapid response’ unit specialising in death threats.”

She said that two members of the Metropolitan Police had visited their house to discuss the threat.

Celia added that she didn’t know how to explain the situation to their nine-year-old daughter

‘I thought about the nine-year-old I’d told to stay in her bedroom until “Daddy’s work colleagues have gone” and composed a convincing lie for when, as she inevitably did, my daughter asked what the contraption in our bedroom was for”, she wrote.

Under British law, freedom of speech is limited in the cases of slander and libel. In Piers’ case, speech can even constitute a crime when it comes under the category of criminal threat. A criminal threat occurs when someone threatens to kill or physically harm someone else.

So Piers’ troll could be punished by the law if found.

Piers posted a screenshot of the death threats he had received from the Instagram troll for his 7.7 million Twitter followers to see.

He later spoke about the incident on his breakfast show with Susanna Reid

Piers told Susanna on GMB: “You can say what you want, you can have opinions, but you’re not allowed to issue death threats to people,”

‘It’s unacceptable’

“So I called the police, the police came around, took it very seriously, thank you to the police [who are] investigating this.

“I also got in touch with Facebook, I know some top people there… and I said ‘look, it’s unacceptable’ and they’ve been cooperating as well.”

He continued: “And I’m going to go through the process and see what happens. Because I want to know, can you find these people?

“They’ve had their account deleted – but who is this person? Who felt that it was acceptable to issue a death threat on Instagram to my son?”

Piers continued: “My son’s fine about it, he’s been my son a long time obviously, and he’s used to the rough and tumble of public life vicariously through me. However, it’s just a line crossed, and it’s got to stop.”

Piers and his wife have spoken out against online trolls before. They condemned those who targeted the later Captain Sir Tom Moore and footballer-activist Marcus Rashford.

We hope the TV presenter manages to get some Piers of mind…

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