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Pinball Wizard Sex Position - Discover The Most Magical Sex Position In 2023


Do you want to broaden your sexual horizons? Take a look at the Pinball Wizard sex position.

It's similar to yoga's bridge stance, but with orgasms. One partner lies on their back and elevates their hips off the ground while keeping their feet and shoulders on the ground.

To enter, the other partner kneels, clutching their partner's legs for balance and leverage to go deep - really deep.

If you're still not convinced, here are a few more reasons why you should attempt this position right now.

You And Your Partner Get Easy Clit Stim Access

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A Couple Thinking About New Sex Positions
A Couple Thinking About New Sex Positions

To climax, most people with vaginas require some type of clitoral stimulation, and the Pinball Wizard position provides all of that and more.

Because the receiver is arched, it puts their clitoris in optimal position for stimulation with fingers or a bullet vibrator, Ruby Payne, dominatrix and sex expert at adult toy retailer UberKinky, explains.

It Looks Really F-ing Sexy

A Cartoon Depiction of Pinball Sex Position
A Cartoon Depiction of Pinball Sex Position

This is fantastic for both couples if you enjoy seeing how your bodies fit together.

It's a great posture for the partners to be able to see one other's bodies, says Searah Deysach, a sex educator and proprietor of the feminist sex boutique Early to Bed.

Do you want to see things through someone else's perspective? Make sure you're doing it in front of the mirror.

It Works For Pretty Much Anyone

Another Depiction Of Pinball Wizard Position
Another Depiction Of Pinball Wizard Position

Carmel Jones, a relationship specialist who writes on sex, dating, and relationships at The Big Fling, adds, "It's fantastic for lesbian couples!"

"This position can be immensely pleasurable for both lovers when utilized with a strap-on."

I'd recommend trying it with a twin penetration strap-on or a vibrating strap-on. That manner, both couples will be able to participate."

It’s Adjustable For Your Fitness Level

A Woman Near A Pinball Machine
A Woman Near A Pinball Machine

Have you been missing yoga lessons for over a year? (*impotently shakes fist at Covid*) "For folks who don't have a lot of core strength, the Pinball Wizard position can be difficult.

If this sounds like you, Auntie Vice, a sex educator and co-host of the Fat Chicks on Top podcast, recommends adding a sex wedge to help with positioning. If you're into it, try these versions for extra points.

The Tilt

The Tilt Variation
The Tilt Variation

Do you want to delve even further? Are you certain?! Have you talked to your cervix about it?

If that's the case, cross your leg over your partner's shoulder. "This requires a little more athleticism, but it can aid in deeper penetration," Deysach explains. Again, a sex wedge might be your best friend in this situation.

The High Score

The High Score Variation
The High Score Variation

Add a toy (or toys!) to make it even heated. "While in this position, try holding a vibrator to your (or your partner's) clitoris.

"A wand-style or small vibe would be fantastic," Deysach says. If you're looking for some anal action, throw in some butt plugs as well.

The Bumper Shot

A Depiction Of Pinball Wizard Position
A Depiction Of Pinball Wizard Position

Turn the page for a Pinball/Doggie hybrid with all-new sensations. "The penetrated partner rotates over so they're facing away from their partner for very deep penetration," explains Tatyana Dyachenko, a sex therapist and relationship specialist for Peaches and Screams.

You can continue the yoga theme by placing your feet on the floor in a downward dog posture, or the penetrating partner can grip one or both of the receiver's legs to transform it into a classic wheelbarrow position.

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People Also Ask

What Position Is Pinball Wizard?

To get the most out of the pinball, the receiving partner should have their shoulders on the bed and their pelvis angled upwards. The penetrating partner should be kneeling with an erect torso at a 130-degree angle (don't worry, no math required).

What's The Benefit Of The Pinball Wizard?

It gives them easy access to your clitoris and allows them to rub your mons pubis (fancy latin term for the tissue that covers the pubic bone).

How To Get Into Position?

Place your weight on your shoulders in a half bridge posture (a cinch for pilates regulars). Allow them to enter you while kneeling and grasping your thighs for support.

How Do I Take The Pinball Wizard To The Next Level?

To get a better grip on them, put one leg up against their shoulder. Ahhh...


A Couple About To Try The Pinball Sex Position
A Couple About To Try The Pinball Sex Position

The pinball sex position gets its moniker from the attitude you maintain when playing the classic game.

It's a delightful twist on couples' game night, since it allows for deep penetration and simple stimulation of the clitoris and mons pubis.

Furthermore, because your bodies are at an angle, you'll both have an excellent view of the action.

That visual component can heighten pleasure and put you in the perfect frame of mind for mind-blowing orgasms.

This is best done on a soft surface such as a bed, with a pillow or foam wedge beneath your bum to make the posture more accessible and pleasant.

The penetrating partner then gets down on their knees and lifts their thighs for support in between the receiver's legs.

They can easily enter and thrust from this position, dragging the other's body towards them to go as close and deep as possible.

To get the most out of the pinball, the receiving partner's shoulders should be on the bed and their pelvis tilted upwards. The penetrating partner should be kneeling with an upright torso, at a 130-degree angle (don't worry, no math required).

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