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The Untold Story Of The Place Where Julius Caesar Was Killed Which Is Now A Cat Sanctuary In Rome


The history-loving feral cats that live in Argentina's Largo di Torre, where one of the most important episodes in Ancient Romanhistory occurred. A place where Julius Caesar was killedby 60 conspirators and stabbed a total of 23 times here.

What Rome Ruin Is Inhabited By Hundreds Of Cats?

Ancient remains and the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary can be found in the Area Sacra in Rome's Largo di Torre Argentina also known as a place where Julius Caesar was killed. This neighborhood is home to almost 140 cats. Some people are housed in the indoor shelter.

In Which City Can You Find A Cat Sanctuary Amid The Ruins Of Ancient Temples?

To be completely honest, there are some regions, and even entire cities, where the absence of cats is simply inconceivable. Take, for example, Istanbul, where cats are considered to be a part of the city's essence. Hundreds, if not thousands, of them live in perfect peace with people and maybe the most lovely companions if you choose to sit alone and have a cup of Turkish tea in the afternoon.

Another similar location is the little beach town of Kotor, which is located in the country of Montenegro. The town of Kotor, which was founded by the Romans and located on the Adriatic Sea's shore, is home to a large number of furry residents who can be seen on practically every cobblestone street in the old town. If you visit the town's souvenir stores, you may get a sense of the cat craze, as well as the fact that the people have dedicated an entire museum to cats.

Both Istanbul and Kotor would lose a vital city emblem if cats were no longer there, a part of the urban heartbeat that can scarcely be replaced by anything else. The cats of these two cities, on the other hand, are free to roam the streets and sleep anywhere they like. However, there is one particular kind of feral cat in Rome that appears to prefer to spend its time around historical monuments.

An abandoned place where Julius Caesar was murdered with black gates
An abandoned place where Julius Caesar was murdered with black gates

Hundreds Of Lucky Cats Prowl The Site Where Caesar Was Assassinated

Torre Argentina houses the ruins of four ancient temples, as well as a portion of the famed Pompey portico, where dictator Julius Caesar was betrayed and executed in 44 BCE. Julius Caesar AND a stray cat-sanctuarya place where approximately 130 cats are currently cared for by volunteers at Torre Argentina, many of whom are crippled or sick.

Rome's feral cats moved in immediately after the Julius Caesar Murder site was excavated, as they do throughout the city, and the gutter, or cat ladies, began feeding and caring for them.

Since the mid-1990s, the population has risen from around 90 to a peak of 250, and the organization has increased its efforts to provide care for sick or injured cats, as well as a comprehensive spay and neuter program to keep the feral population in check.

"Eh. Brutus was his mistress's son. Caeser was taking Brutus under his wing for his mistress, but Brutus was always scornful of Caeser. Hence when it was Brutus's turn to stab Caeser, Brutus goes right for the groin.

Brutus was seriously like, Caesers's Second Heir. Caeser had appointed Brutus as the Governor of Cisalpine Gaul, today you would call it Northern Italy, Lombardy, and Piedmont. Which was EASILLY the most important providence.

The governor of Cisalpine Gaul could march an army on Rome at any time. Or be in a position to stop any other army from marching on Rome.

So Brutus was a huge betrayal, but not too surprising. Brutus was a Pompeian who bent their knee after the war. Decimus on the other hand was a close member of Caesar's inner circle.

He and Caeser had stayed up late the night before drinking! They were close friends. Decimus is the REAL betrayer. Brutus just had the more famous name so he gets remembered."

_datssyck (Reddit)


Fast forward 2060 years to the present, the exact place where Julius Caesar was killed and where Caesar yelled his famous final words, "Et Tu Brute?" (Are you one of them, Brutus?) and the most common sound is "Meow."

Nonetheless, they are well cared for by a local cat-loving volunteer organization that also feeds and sterilizes other stray cats in Rome. Perhaps there is even more reason for you to consider Rome as your next vacation location.

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