Long-haul economy flights can be pretty uncomfortable, especially when we fancy a kip but for many traveller purse strings, budget is everything.

We just can’t stretch to fully-reclining beds when we want at least 4* at our destination.


So, is it any wonder one particular traveller took matters into her own hands – creating her own bed from an empty row of seats.

A video uploaded to Passenger Shaming Instagram shows a woman lying across an empty row of seats as she attempts to catch some forty winks.



She was filmed by another passenger who was sitting across the aisle with her bare feet resting in both windows to keep the shutters down, legs gaping apart.


And it’s not just the taxing of a row of seats in a bid to get some shut-eye that people have an issue with – it was also her choice of sleeping position that had others riled.

Some were left not knowing whether to laugh or cry (probably envious of her ingenuity to be fair) and with nearly 300,000 views and 1,000 comments on Instagram many others weren’t shy in giving their opinions.


“Oh hey, heads up… purchasing a ticket doesn’t entitle you to do whatever you want in an aeroplane”, slam Passenger Shaming.


Whilst another irked commenter adds: “You rented a seat. If you want to act like a disrespectful a**hole, buy your own plane. This one is public transport, sis”.

Can’t help but think that’s a bit OTT – if the poor woman can’t afford the luxury of a reclining seat, we doubt a private jet’s ever gonna be a viable option.

“This is shameful. Like how does someone do that… in PUBLIC. I don’t mean to judge, however it made me feel some typa way”, read another.


“I feel like I can smell this photo”, said a fourth.


Hey, it really could be worse.

Imagine someone picking off their actual foot skin in plain view of your seat.



That s*** is rough.

But some flew to her defence saying: “Maybe she has restless leg syndrome or some other issues”.

Yeah like being tired.

“Not a nice thing to judge others when we have no idea of their condition. This doesn’t mean I approve the act by itself but shaming someone is just too much”, read another.


“She paid for the seat; she can do what she likes. Not hurting anyone and probably exhausted”, a third added.

To be quite honest, I don’t see the issue.


There was an empty seat – she took advantage and popped her legs up for a snooze.

What’s the big deal?

Yes, she could have kept her socks on or refrained from letting her legs gape so widely but perhaps she just didn’t give a f***.

Mind your own.

Images via Instagram