PlayStation 4 Now Fully Supports Cross-Platform Play

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, Gaming
Published 04.10.19

You can now play video games on the PS4 with people on other consoles and platforms as Sony now supports cross-platform play on PlayStation 4.

Finally joining the likes of Nintendo and Microsoft, Sony have made cross-platform play available on their PlayStation 4s and it’s about bloody time.

It’s long been established that the PlayStation 4’s unwavering stance on cross-platform was more or less out of pettiness, but I have a theory that it’s for another reason entirely.


Basically, PlayStation people aren’t nerds, so if they’re made to play against the likes of Xbox and PC [master race] types, they’d be utterly tranced in any game that isn’t FIFA.

Think about it; who’s going to be better at Call of Duty? Some guy who only really plays when he’s got friends round and has sunk a few beers – me – or some nerd who only steps away from their custom-made PC to get another can of Monster?

The news comes after a video was made by Nintendo and Microsoft that more or less mocked Sony for their lagging behind, with Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan telling Wired that the PlayStation has finally moved out of the beta phase for cross-play.


He explained:

The track record of the incumbent platform winning the next time around is not a great one, so the major thrust of my executive energy is to avoid complacency.”

Perhaps the most executive sentence I’ve ever read.

Good news all around then. Shame they’re already talking about the next generation consoles now…


What does the PlayStation 5 look like?

Well this is just speculation and while all signs do point to PS5, this unit could be anything.

The middle of the console appears to be in the V-shape, perhaps as a reference to the Roman Numeral for five. It has a number of what look like USB ports on the front and a disk slot.


There’s also huge vents on the sides and honestly, it looks like 90s tech. I’m not a fan currently, but they may be able to win me back with some PlayStation 1 nostalgia if they lean into that.

When will the PlayStation 5 be released?

In May of last year, Sony’s CEO confirmed that the much loved PS4 has entered the final stage of its lifecycle, meaning the planning for the PlayStation 5 is in full swing.

Sony said that the next three years would be spent on the next step, putting the PS5 release date sometime in 2020; probably at the tail end if they want those Christmas sales.

Will the PlayStation 5 have backwards compatibility?

If rumours are to be believed, then yes it effing well will.

A patent was leaked to the public that involved technology that would allow PlayStation 5 users to play games from previous models.


However, there’s speculation that this will only include PlayStation 4 games, as 1, 2 and 3’s popular attractions are available on PlayStation home, which Sony want to keep alive.

We’ll keep you posted.

Images via Sony, Twitter