Pokemon Dubbed With Scottish Voices Is Just As Good As You Think It Would Be

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Funny, News
Published 04.03.19
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I watched the reveal for the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield games and I was pretty excited.

I don’t have a Nintendo Switch and really don’t want to have to buy one but this, by all accounts, is a Pokémon game essentially set in the United Kingdom.

That’s pretty exiting stuff.

Sure, the three starters look pretty rubbish and I’d probably have to go for that sad-looking lizard, but I want to walk England’s rolling hills with my Growlithe in tow.

Since the game seems to have a particularly British theme, a few jokes have been made on Twitter and I particularly enjoyed this one…


The jokes have been decidedly English, but that’s not to say that Scotland hasn’t got a good look in. The issue is that everyone thinks that they can do a Scottish accent.

I’d argue that most people can’t.

With that, people started hopping on the bandwagon, making what they assumed were astute observations about what lies north of Hadrian’s Wall.

Very few of the jokes were actually any good, leading to actual Scottish people – like Chris Scullion – getting annoyed and showcasing how it should be done…


You can tell he was trying to keep it down though. A lot of whispering in that video and it shows. Very funny though and I sort of felt sorry for Eevee in it.

A lot of raw emotion.

God I’m going to have to buy a Switch, aren’t I?


Images via Twitter, Nintendo, Getty