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Pokemon Leaf Green V1 1 Gameshark Codes List 2023


You will be able to take advantage of a variety of lead features with the legendary Pokemon Leaf Green V1 1 Gameshark codes mentioned in this article, such as the cheat code to teleport across the map, the Pokemon Leaf Green Pokeball cheat, the cheat code to have an infinite supply of master balls, the Pokemon Leaf Green cheat for unlimited money, the Pokemon Leaf Green cheat for all three starters, and many more.

In any game, cheats enable you to access features and resources that are otherwise inaccessible or difficult to obtain. As a result, cheat codes have recently gained a lot of popularity among players and gamers.

They have skillfully created fantastic joy and excitement in a variety of games, which successfully lessen the tension of getting things done the normal way.

Because there are numerous variations of these Pokemon Leaf Green V1 1 Gameshark codes, not every cheat must work in every version of the game. Before you use or save a cheat code, you should make sure it works with the version of the game you are playing.

Using Pokemon Leaf Green Cheat Codes In Emulators

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/pokemon-leaf-green-v1-1-gameshark-codes/ by Kane Perkins on 2023-01-11T07:12:40.738Z

Nowadays, the majority of emulators used by gamers include a menu of cheat codes. The only thing left to do is choose the cheat codes you wish to use from this site or another reliable online source and add them to your emulator's menu.

Once saved, you can use the cheat codes whenever you want. To use the GameShark cheat codes while playing Pokemon Leaf Green, you can also connect your GameShark device to your Gameboy Advance.

Pokemon Leaf Green Cheat Codes

We have provided you with all of the Pokemon Leaf Green V1 1 cheats in this article so that you can enjoy the forerunners of wonderful things that typically require a lot of time and effort.

You don't need to be concerned even though you don't have this version. Although not all cheat codes are guaranteed to work for you, the majority of them should.

By using these cheat codes, you may quickly play the leveled-up version of your game without having to grind or go through the difficult stages.

You should think about using the MyBoy GBA Emulator if you're playing this game on an Android phone, and you should think about using mGBA or VBA if you're playing it on a PC.

You can improve your experience of playing Pokemon LeafGreen with the help of the many cheat codes listed below.

Pokemon Leaf Green Cheats Rare Candy

With just a single code, you can raise any of your Pokemon to the level you desire. This cheat code will level up your game whenever you want and is incredibly efficient.

The rare candy cheat code is listed below. To use it when playing a PC game, you must add it to your GameShark device or the cheat menu of your emulator.

Use the hack code 820258400044 to add an unlimited number of rare candies to your Pokemon LeafGreen whenever you wish.

PokΓ©mon LeafGreen Master Ball Cheat Code || PokΓ©mon LeafGreen Cheats

Pokemon Leaf Green Cheats Master Ball

Master Balls are a crucial component and a surefire method for catching Pokemon. The issue is that there is only one master ball available in the game, which limits your opportunity to capture a Pokemon.

However, using the code below will grant you access to endless master balls, giving you limitless opportunities to capture Pokemon. For infinite master balls, enter this hack code: 820258400044.

When this cheat code is activated, you can still take out master balls even though your PC inventory indicates that you have run out of master balls.

Pokemon Cheat Code For Catching Opponents

If you prefer your opponent's Pokemon, you can quickly capture it with the aid of this cheat code. This is a GameShark v3 code, but it can also be used as an Action Play code.

After you've added and turned on the cheat code and before you fight the opponent, throw your Pokemon by pressing the L and R keys together over and over.

These are the codes: 4D83B1BFE0F5F507, 90B4977C C0151DC2, 8E883EFF92E9660D, and B6C5368A08BE8FF4.

There is a chance that you will catch a rotten egg while attempting to catch your opponent's Pokemon. Therefore, save your game first to ensure that you can continue if you do.

Codes To Generate Unlimited Money

There are cheats for Pokemon LeafGreen and Pokemon FireRed that allow you to have unlimited money in addition to other cheats. To do this, you must first enter a few cheat codes for the code breaker that are distinct from the standard GameShark codes.

The codes to get unlimited cash are 7400013003F5, 820257BC423F, 7400013003F5, and 820257BE 000F.

Along with the start button, press the B button.

To see if these codes allow you to have endless money in the game or not, you can first enter them on your own. If it is not enabled, you must first enter the 8300500061A1 and 83005002 0A35 codes for the codebreakers.

You must first activate the RNG code and any other codes before activating these codes. These RMG codes are used in conjunction with a variety of codes that cannot be activated on their own.

Now open your saved game and check the first screen for your trainer card. To exit the main menu, press the B button.

A button press could cause your game to crash, so be careful. Press the appropriate button combinations to save your game, then reset, after entering the desired code.

Use the following code to gain endless money in Pokemon LeafGreen on GameShark v3 or Action Replay: 29C78059 and 96542194.

Changing The Pokemon's Nature With Cheat Codes

You can at any time alter the nature of your Pokemon with these cheat codes. The code for the specific nature you desire for your Pokemon will be inserted when you first enter a constant cheat code for this.

The initial constant code for the alteration to look like your Pokemon is 41CD5D95 AA3BB0ED.

How To Get Unlimited Master Balls & Rare Candy In Pokemon Fire Red Cheat Codes

People Also Ask

What Is The Cheat Codes For Pokemon Leaf Green?

  • Articuno = 83007CEE0090.
  • Zapdos = 83007CEE0091.
  • Moltres = 83007CEE0092.
  • Mewtwo = 83007CEE0096.
  • Mew(wont obey) = 83007CEE0097.
  • Ho-oh = 83007CEE00FA.
  • Lugia = 83007CEE00F9.
  • Celebi = 83007CEE00FB.

What Is The Pokemon Leaf Green Game?

Pokemon Leaf Green was made available to the public in Australia, North America, and Japan starting in January 2004. This game was a huge success and eventually rose to the top of the charts in terms of sales. Every game features a unique Pokemon's quest to discover new animals.

What Is The Walkthrough Walls Cheat Code Of The Pokemon Leaf Green Game?

  • Code: 167DCBA7 F604FFD2
  • Code: 78DA95DF 44018CB4


The video game Pokemon Leaf Green is well known. In order to win a Pokemon game, you must use the above Pokemon Leaf Green V1 1 Gameshark codes, which are simple to obtain. Although there are many Pokemon Leafgreen cheats, only a few of them are highly recommended and used frequently.

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