Police Detain Kid And The Responses Were Priceless

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Uncategorised
Published 15.02.19
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One of my biggest fears is being arrested, for some reason, in America and having a local police department post a picture of me on Facebook.

Sure, I don’t want to get in trouble but I also don’t want to be mocked ruthlessly by people on Facebook who will say things like “Hugh Grant and Gollum’s lovechild“. I’m not strong enough for that.

You’ll have seen stories all over the web about such matters where, and I don’t want to body-shame anyone here, objectively weird-looking people have been arrested and the comments section has been utter gold.

Well, it’s only gone and happened again, as the Fresno Police Department arrested who I assume to be Andy from Toy Story, and the comments really laid into his little young face…

The post has since been deleted, so a few of the best old comments are…

1. Let me guess, the other gang members are named Boots, Diego & Backpack!

2. DJ Conner really lost it after Roseanne’s cancellation

3. I bet he still says “and a half” after telling someone how old he is.

4. Free my homie Lil Bowl Cut.

5. That’s Lloyd Christmas son 😂😂😂 Lloyd Christmas Eve

6. The only thing in danger around this kid is the fruit roll ups.

7. Give him a juice box and some string cheese he will roll on everybody.

8. Bowl cut hair and Garanimals clothing! Is he wearing velcro shoes too 😂 next week on the furious five year olds…

9. What n the problem child 2 is going on here ? 😯

10. Did they impound his Bigwheel ?

11. Hope they remembered his car seat before taking him in. Safety first.

12. Someone is getting his allowance taken away this week..

That’s enough of a punishment, surely?

Images via Facebook