Police Hilariously Capture Illegal Driver Who Made A Fake Numberplate With Spelling Mistakes

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Published 28.10.19

Police in Australia managed to capture a man with a false numberplate on his car, hilariously misspelling the word “Education”.

I’ve always wondered just how the police could capture me if I put a fake numberplate on my car and did something illegal like speeding or, I don’t know, using my phone to pay contactless at a drive-through (actual crime), but I guess they’s run my plates through a system, see that they don’t correlate with my car and then make chase.

I’ve answered my own question there.


With that, it makes 100% sense for me not to drive around with a fake numberplate, but if I were going to give it a go, I’d definitely put a shift in making it look as real as possible.

Not like one driver in Wyndham, Australia, who decided to make his own with a couple of felt tips, paper and a laminator. What’s more, he used his first draft, which hilariously had the world “education” spelled wrong.


For context, here’s what a Victoria numberplate is supposed to look like…

victoria australia numberplate


Weirdly they spell Education without the G.

The mishap was shared to Facebook by Wyndham Police Service with the caption:

Criminal Mastermind…not quite!

On Thursday 25th October 2019, Werribee divisional van members located a Holden Commodore with false registration plate’s.


We gave him an 8/10 for his colouring in skills, a 2/10 for his spelling ability and an additional charge for court.

#backtoschool #backtocourt

Criminal Mastermind…not quite!On Friday 25th October 2019, Werribee divisional van police officers located a Holden…

Posted by Eyewatch – Wyndham Police Service Area on Sunday, October 27, 2019


Surely there was a better way of doing that? Why couldn’t he use a printer? The plate would have been far more believable.

Obviously I’m glad people aren’t getting away with their crimes but still, what an idiot.

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