You can always trust intoxicated Brits to take drunk and disorderly to new levels.

That is certainly the case for Sicily Hunston, 20, who bit one police officer on the arm in a drunken rampage.

Drunken Hunston also launched a vicious verbal tirade against three other policemen during the incident in Wythenshawe, Manchester. She faced jail after admitting assault on an emergency worker and racially aggravated harassment.

But Hunston avoided jail and just had to pay a £100 fine after stating a police officer “antagonised” her by saying “all lives matter”.

The incident came shortly after the Black Lives Matter protests in the UK.

‘Clearly Intoxicated’

Officers originally arrived at the scene after concerned families called in warning that Hunston was in possession of a knife. Police later found one in her waistcoat. She also told police she had a gun.

Police officers attempted to search her, but she began shouting ‘black lives matter’ whilst threatening to bite an officer.

Prosecutor Peter Conroy told the court that Hunston was “clearly intoxicated” when police arrived. A bottle of alcohol was also visible in her hand.

He added: “She was also quite angry and she stated there were knives and meat cleavers in the room and she also said she was in possession of a gun.”

“One of the officers then approached the defendant and said he needed to search her”

“But at this point, the defendant became very aggressive and it took several officers to apprehend her.”

‘Racial abuse’

Conroy added that Hunston verbally abused officers before shouting “black lives matter”.

Mr Conroy said: “The defendant then went to bite the arm of the officer and managed to put her teeth on his forearm.

“As a result, the officer pulled her head down with great difficulty and she constantly shouted racial abuse when being arrested and whilst getting into the police van and whilst in the van.”

But Hunston’s defence lawyer, Matthew Wallace put her behaviour down to a “mental health crisis” and said she suffered from anxiety and depression.


He said: “I do not seek to justify her behaviour and what she did in breaking the law and she feels ashamed of her conduct and behaviour.

“But she said ‘Black Lives Matter’ and the officer in response said ‘All Lives Matter’ which antagonised her.

“It was an ignorant thing to do and the response escalated the situation instead of de-escalated it because of the occasion.”

Wallace added that Hunston had been consulting with mental health services. He said he believed she could “move forward” from the incident.

Hunston had no previous convictions.

She received a fine, community order and compensation to the officer. Hunston was also ordered to pay court costs of £180.

Image via Alamy.