Police are searching for a couple who vandalised a historical site for an Instagram post…

Humans destroying the environment has been all over the news at the moment: the rainforests, climate change, poaching. We just ruin everything we touch.

However, one couple alone have vandalised a Native American site in Illinois.


Remember in school, when you’d write draw hearts all over the place with your initials? Well, that’s what this couple have done! They drew “B+K” in the centre of a heart at Starved Rock State Park, which is believed to be a meeting place for Native Americans.

council overhang graffiti

Park superintendent, Kerry Novak, told The Journal Star that the person who caught them in the act reported it on 2nd September. The couple were taking pictures of it, saying they were going to put it on Instagram.

Is it really worth it for the ‘gram?


The park ranger searched Instagram for the photo, and the female has been found. However, they are yet to identify the male in the photo.

Speaking on Facebook, Starved Rock and Matthiessen State Parks said:

Art is beautiful, but it is not meant to be carved, drawn, or painted on natural features at state and natural parks.”


Now, I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t call the heart we all drew in our school books art, any more than I would the infamous S/8 lines we drew. But that’s an argument for another day.

police search for instagram couple

The post continued to say:

Don’t be like John and Jane Doe pictured here, who decided to paint on Council Overhang which is a 425 million-year-old sandstone formation at the park used for 8,000 years as a Native American gathering place.”


The Facebook post has been removed, however, the Twitter post still remains, searching for the couple.

The Illinois Conservation Police have launched an investigation into the photographs. However, they are yet to confirm if the photographs are authentic.


Starved Rock Lodge was flooded with visitors over the weekend as it was Labor Day weekend in the US. There were so many that the park had to close multiple times due to over-capacity.

It’s hard to keep track of thousands of people, so it’s a shame some people feel they can take advantage of it.

Why do people think that defacing ancient sites is a good pass time? Is Instagram really that important?

If you know who this couple are, police are urging you to call 1-815-667-4726. Or you can message the park on Facebook/Twitter if it’s better for your phone bill!

Images via Twitter, Getty