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Police Reveal Secret Meanings Of Emojis Sent By Kids As A Code For Drugs


Police reveal secret meanings of emojis sent by kids as a code for drugs. The hidden meaning reveals that the colourful emoticons aren't always what they seem and that they occasionally contain messages about sexand drugs.

So, even though strawberries, snowflakes, and a pair of eyes may seem harmless on their own, they may mean something different when combined with other symbols as police reveal secret meanings of emojis sent by kids as a code for drugs.

Children have been inferring cannabis by using images like a strawberry, dog, cherry, cake, ice cream, or leaves. While the peach or aubergine emoji could denote sexual activity.

The book also explains that MDMA may be represented by an alien or a mask, while cocaine could be represented by a gasoline pump or a snowflake. Even the fist and rocket emojis are deceptive since they could be used to convey information about how potent things are.

In the meanwhile, a pair of eyes could indicate a drug dealer, and a horse could stand in for ketamine. The Surrey Police has compiled the list as part of its most recent push to educate parents about the hidden codes that their children may be employing.

Detective Chief Inspector Kate Hyder stated:

We really want parents and guardians to feel confident to have a conversation with their children about this, if and when they need to.

We have shared a lot of information around emojis over the past couple of weeks, both on social media and with our local partners to help raise awareness and start the discussion around this.

Our focus on this doesn’t stop with the end of this initial campaign. We will be continuing to work with local partners to extend the conversation around emojis.

We’re also aware that emojis and their alternative meanings are something that will constantly change, and so our work and research into this will continue.

The police are advising parents to be more attentive, but they added, "We’re very aware that checking phones could break down this trust between a parent and their child, and therefore we are not suggesting parents do this."

"Instead, we want people to be aware of what these emojis mean, in case they do happen to see them."

They did emphasize, though, that merely using these emojis does not imply that a child is using drugs.

Instead, it might be interpreted as a component of a larger pattern of behaviour change, which may include mood swings, changes in academic performance, and a tendency to become more private.


Police reveal secret meanings of emojis sent by kids as a code for drugs. For example, an emoji of "eyes" is used to mean "drug dealer."

The "hidden world of emojis" exposes the more sinister uses of the colourful symbols, including their use as slang for drugs and prostitution.

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