Pooper Scooper Robot Patrols Your Garden And Automatically Picks Up Your Dog’s Poop

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Published 12.12.19

Pooper scooper robot. Sounds like something out of one of those memes where it’s all 1989: “I bet in the future we’ll have flying cars,” 2019: *picture of this robot*.

To be fair, if I had a dog I’d definitely look into getting one of these, but then again there’s a lot of things I said I’ll look into getting. My life is none the worse for not having a Roomba.

So yeah, I suppose you could say even with a dog in my life, I likely wouldn’t invest in a Pooper Scooper robot, but it’s early days and who knows? Maybe I don’t know myself as well as I thought.


Easy for me to say, of course; I’ve had to clean after a dog a number of times I can attest to the sentiment that it’s no good, so maybe after years and years of doing that, you’d be champing at the bit for a Mr Roboto to do your dirty work.

clean after dog

With that, a robot has been made that actually does all of that. I mean you knew that was where this article was going, but we still needed to go on that journey together.


Called Beetl (everyone knows it’s cool to drop a vowel or two from your startup company name), the little robot boy is equipped with fancy computer eyes that recognise dog dirt in your garden, wander over to the stuff and then scoop it up with a lil’ claw.

beetl pooper scooper

Worry not, also, since there’s a discreet compartment in the Beetl that allows you to dispose of your dog’s leavings easily and most importantly, without touching it.

It basically works like a Roomba, with you being expected to set up boundaries around your garden that your Beetl can stay within, all the while it’s AI allows it to avoid obstacles like gnomes or, I don’t know, dogs.


Also, apparently, the AI leads the Beetl to “learn,” whatever that means. What can a shit-picking-up 4×4 Roomba possibly have to learn?

There are a couple of issues that I can think of; don’t dogs f*cking hate Roombas? They’d definitely have problems with one of these. Along with that, no matter how chunky those wheels look, one the grass in your garden grows at all longer than the lawn in Wimbledon’s Centre Court, it’s going to get stuck a lot.

pooper scooper robot


Has anyone trained their dog to clean up after themselves? That would be good. Sort of teaching it from a young ages to pick up a little trowel in its mouth when it’s done, scoop the mess up and then dispose of it in a particularly low-down bin. Again, hypothetical, but if I had a dog I’d definitely test the waters with that.

Cheaper than buying a Beetl too, I imagine.


I say I imagine because want it though we may, the Beetl is still in development stage, meaning you can’t quite get your hands on one just get.

We can live in hope though…

Images via Getty, Beetl Robotics