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Poor Pete Toy - A Racist Vintage Toy Available On Amazon


Poor Pete toy is a nice old toy with a powerful winding motor. When rolled up, little Pete begins to jump up and down, doing his best to shake off the mean dog on his butt.

On WorthPoint, a seller shared his story that it is a Japanese celluloid and tin spring toy. This is an African-American boy holding a watermelon and crying because a puppy bites a sheet of his pants! It's gorgeous, very clean, still working, and has built-in keys. Plus, it's vintage!

The seller has an original box labeled Japan. It's pretty racist. Nevertheless, he is a cute boy with great features cast on celluloid. You have to look at it from that historical point of view.

Pete toy crying and eating watermelon
Pete toy crying and eating watermelon

He doesn't know the age, but it's another era in history. The box broke the end flap. It's there, but it is apart from the rest of the box.

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/poor-pete-toy/ by Dr. Felix Chaosphere on 2022-06-02T04:35:02.421Z

The box is clean and everything else is in pretty good condition. It's a great toy he's had in his collection for 30 years.

He bought it for real estate sales many years ago. The woman in sales thought she would call him because she found the box, she intended to throw it away, but he might want it. That's why he got this amazing toy in its original packaging.

Another Version Of Poor Pete Toy

Poor Pete Toy's two variations are available. One with watermelon and one without that. We have provided pictures of both variations of the poor Peter wind-up toy in this article.

It has a nice original color, patina works well with injured Pete moving forward as if the dog was biting him.

Another version of Poor Pete toy
Another version of Poor Pete toy

Poor Pete toy eBay seller shared an honest description of the toy informing the buyers that the roll-up button on the boy's back is supposed to move the foot back and forth, but the foot does not work properly.

The legs are sticky and must be manually operated to operate. This toy has been stored for many years and requires mechanical work to operate properly.

The Cubs'arms do not move up and down when wrapped, and both Cubs' arms near the "elbows" have creases.

There are no wrinkles on the boy's head or legs, and his clothes are in very good condition with no wrinkles or blemishes.

The dog is attached to the boy's back with the rod inserted in the dog's mouth. The shape of the toy looks good.

Side view of Poor Pete Toy
Side view of Poor Pete Toy

People Also Ask

Is There Another Version Of Poor Pete Toy?

Rare Black Americana German Guntherman Poor Pete Toy's two variations are available. One with watermelon and one without that.

What Are The Features Of Poor Pete Toy?

  • Watermelon celluloid hoisting boy chased by a dog biting his pants
  • Pete wears a cloth suit and has a built-in key
  • Height about 6"
  • Excellent working conditions
  • Original vintage royal fern in a professionally crafted museum-quality ToyTent True
  • Replica™ box
  • Made in Japan

Is Poor Pete Toy Made In Japan?

Yes. "Made in Japan" is written on the sole of the left foot of the boy.

"Dog" has a "passed inspection" sticker on the underside of the abdomen.

The dog is in very good condition with no wrinkles or crevices. The "boy" is about 53/4 inches tall and about 5 inches long with a dog attached.

Poor Pete toy might also be available on Amazon.


What are your thoughts on this poor Pete toy? Do you think it's racist or not?

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