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Pornhub's Most Searched-star In The World Shares The Three Things She's Looking For In A Boyfriend


Lana Rhoades, an adult actress, has explained what attracted her to a man. In a YouTube Q&A video, the Chicago native discussed her dating preferences.

She said she doesn't care what job potential partners perform in a video broadcast with her 346,000 subscribers. Instead, she looks for three distinct features.

The 23-year-old, who was Pornhub's most searched celebrity in 2019, also expressed her dissatisfaction with being "alone." So now would be an excellent moment for her to meet her soul mate.

I'll date any guy with any job because I've already taken care of everything. I make my own money and have my own clout; I don't require anything from anyone. So I guess I'm not like a lot of other girls that are like that - because I couldn't give a damn. she states.

So let us see everything there is to know about Pornhub's most searched-star in the world shares the three things she's looking for in a boyfriend.

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The Pornstar And The Boys

Lana Rhodes
Lana Rhodes

The erotica celebrity claims that she exclusively pursues relationships with people with whom she instantly connects.

The first thing I look for is that natural attraction. I enjoy that chemistry and being drawn - I have to have it or it won't work out. You can be the hottest guy in the world, but I won't care if I don't feel the same way about you she admitted.

Lana prefers to be wooed with wit and humour once the attraction has been established.

The second thing - as you get to know them better - is being able to laugh together. It's quite important to me that we share a similar sense of humour the porn star revealed.

Finally, Lana declares that those who try to exploit her will be discarded.

The final thing I look for is if they're using me for money or because they think it's great to date a porn actor. In relationships, everyone grows acclimated to each other. Guys have always tried to do that to me, even before I became popular on social media, because I'm just too polite. It's becoming worse because I have even more to offer someone now... They must feel genuine affection for me the brunette beauty continued.

Lana is hoping to meet Mr. Right as soon as possible. She isn't asking for much; all she wants is to meet someone with whom she has a natural connection.

Playboy Dreams Coming True

Lana Rhoades During A Photoshoot
Lana Rhoades During A Photoshoot

Although the pornographic industry assisted Rhoades in ending her marriage, she refused to recognize for a long time that her profession had damaged her as a person.

In her mind, she was always thirteen or fourteen years old, watching the reality show Girls Next Door, which followed the lives of models working for Playboy and living in the famed Hugh Hefner's mansion.

I always hid in my room watching the show and thought that the lives of those women looked amazing. That's exactly what I wanted to do once I grew up. It was the first time I had the urge to do modeling. I thought the Playboy girls were so attractive. I also wanted to be in Playboy, said Rhoades.

In 2021, her wish came realized when Playboy chose her for a lengthy profile interview. As a result, the teenage porn actress's fame skyrocketed, and it didn't take long for her to become one of the most prominent adult film actresses on the Internet.

Her photographs had previously featured in Playboy, but without any significant accompanying text or interviews.

Rhoades revealed in the Playboy interview that she had only worked in porn for eight months on a full-time basis, based on her estimates.

She'd examine a new film or video every few weeks or months if it appealed to her or offered appealing terms. Pornography was no longer a priority for her as of the end of 2017.

Day In The Life of Lana Rhoades

People Also Asked

What Is Special About Lana Rhoades?

Lana's stardom began the same year, with her first Playboy Cyber Girls pictorials. She entered the adult industry a few months later and rapidly gained a large following as well as critical acclaim, particularly for her sexy feature Lana (2017), making her a highly sought after model.

What Did Lana Rhoades Use To Do?

Rhoades said in the show that she was "kidnapped by the hippy mafia" when she was 16 and forced to work as a stripper to support the gang.

She claimed she had been detained over 20 times before being sentenced to prison and that she used to use "hardcore drugs" like heroin.

How Much Did Lana Rhoades Get Paid?

Despite the fact that her YouTube account, which was started in 2019, has only four uploads, it has already received over 5 million views.

Rhoades earns roughly $2,700 every month on YouTube thanks to the ad revenue generated by these views. This works up to about $40,500 per year simply from her YouTube channel.

Why Did Mike Break Up With Lana?

Majlak said that instead of moving in with his partner, he was working on a new "content house with [Richard 'FaZe Banks' Bengston]." Lana was so angry by this remark that she decided to call it a day the next day.

Who's The Father Of Lana's Baby?

According to an Instagram post, Rhoades, 25, gave birth to his son Milo two weeks ago. She didn't specify when he was born, and she hasn't revealed her child's father's identity.

Mike Majlak, a social media personality who also happens to be Paul's podcast partner, was her last known boyfriend.


Lana Rhoades's Ass
Lana Rhoades's Ass

Lana Rhoades put up her pornography business after meeting an influencer with three million followers a couple years ago.

The porn actress didn't say whose influencer sparked her interest, but she soon learned that while she was paid $1,500 for a taped performance, this person was paid $15,000 for a single Instagram post.

"Why are you making so much more than me?" she inquired, and the exchange revealed that Rhoades have enormous potential that had yet to be realized.

Lana's pornography career came to an end in 2018, but she reappeared temporarily in 2020 courtesy to an exclusive deal with the Brazzers studio.

Thanks to her profile on the Onlyfans platform and Instagram promotions, she now makes millions instead of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Nonetheless, she has discovered a slew of new sources of income in recent years that she prefers to keep private.

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