Poundland Boss Gives Workers Week Of Holiday And Doubles Staff Discounts As Thanks For Working During Lockdown

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Published 28.04.20

In these difficult times it’s refreshing to see managers of big corporations and companies going the extra mile to reward staff for their selfless work.

You often hear about the bad, but it’s refreshing to hear a big wig recognise the efforts of their workers and give them the bonuses they deserve.

Gladly, Poundland managing director Barry Williams has decided to do just that, giving staff an extra week of paid holiday and double staff discount for their recent work.

Seven hundred of the company’s 800 outlets have remained open during the outbreak, as it has counted itself among essential services after Prime Minster Boris Johnson tightened restrictions.

In a raft of benefits, managing director Barry Williams has also committed to the popular high-street store staying shut on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, so that workers can enjoy more family time.

Mr Williams announced the benefits on Facebook last week

He said: “Sometimes just saying thank you isn’t enough, so we’re doing a lot to support our colleagues as well.

“Whether that’s doubling the discount on all the products they can buy from us through our colleague discount scheme, providing extra holiday – all colleagues are getting an extra week’s holiday because of the service they’ve provided – an extended break to spend with their families and loved ones at Christmas.”

He added: “It really is important that we thank them for everything they’re doing – they really are the heroes of our business.”

Thank You from our MD

We want to say thank you to colleagues and customers. Here’s more from our MD, Barry Williams…

Posted by Poundland on Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Like numerous produce stores around the UK, Poundland has felt the effect of public panic buying amid Covid-19.

Signs have been plastered across shop windows urging customers to not only adhere as strictly as possible to social distancing, but also warning ‘there’s no need to buy more than necessary’.

In a tweet, they wrote: “From today we’re starting to fit new checkout screens to help protect those working and shopping in our stores.

“Just one of the many measures we’ve put in place to help keep you safe.”

Maybe some of the bigger companies should take notice of the likes of Poundland.

Images via Poundland/Facebook