Poundland’s ‘Snoring Swatters’ Will Finally Give That Noisy Sleeper In Your Life What For

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Published 21.02.20

Having my own personal experience of sharing a bed with a bothersome snorer for the past half a decade, words cannot express my immeasurable gratitude to Poundland for this ‘pow’ wow bargain.

It may be a novelty piece, but I’m more than happy to part with a quid for one of these bad boys.

It’s probably much kinder than a firm dig in the ribs every sleepless hour that passes – not that I condone any such behaviours.


Sleep is, after all, equally important for both partners and it can prove very frustrating when you’re not getting the recommended forty winks each night.

Therefore, finding the perfect anti-snore solution can inform much of your time.

Alas, it seems trusty Poundland have the answer to our prayers.

Introducing the ‘Snoring Swatter’ which promises to ‘give that snore what for’.

This nifty extendable fist provides ‘super king-size reach’ and was spotted by an eagle-eyed shopper who posted a photo of it in the Facebook group ‘B&M Bargains & More’.

Captioned: “Found this in Poundland, I think every woman needs one of these”, it was an instant hit (excuse the pun) with other group members.

“I’m off shopping”, read one comment.


With another adding: “I need one of these”.

A third said: “Need!!!!! Currently sleeping on the sofa due to my walrus husband”.

I can relate – sincere sympathies.

Whilst another woman commented: “I needed this about five this morning, I would of quite happily jabbed him [sic]”.

This isn’t the first time Poundland have stocked a snore prodder.

Back in January, another shopper shared a snap in ‘Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK’ on Facebook.

Again, the prodder was affordably priced at £1 but this time it was more of a finger-prod than a full-on fist-punch device.

Perhaps, the finger-prod didn’t provide enough ‘pow’.


This post generated quite a stir amongst social media users too – with over 15k comments and 1.5k shares.

Comments ranged from: “I’m getting one my other half has the loudest snore known to man”.

To: “Are you sure that’s for snoring… from a friends dirty mind not mine”.

Some even suggested alternative uses (keeping it clean, of course):

“Also, useful when ya woman is going on at you about something she asked you to do 2 months ago”.

“Just extend the telescopic pole and then from a distance, the latter being very important for safety reasons, insert the overly large finger into her cake hole”.


“One size fit all, so it should plug up the noise maker perfectly”.

“No need to thank me, glad to help”.

In fact, the banter was on fire on this particular post so worth a read if you find yourself twiddling your thumbs on your lunchbreak.

There is around 10,000 comments to make your way through though.

Images via Facebook/B&M Bargains And More