A powerlifter has reportedly been left with two fractured knees after attempting to squat 400kg (880lbs) at the World Raw Powerlifting Federation European Championships in Russia, and it makes for pretty grim viewing.

Alexander Sedykh, who, to be fair is an absolute tank of a man, stepped up for the mighty feat, only for his knees to buckle, leaving him screaming in agony at the incredible weight crumpled his body.

From the get-go he looks unsteady, with him evidently struggling with the immense weight.

His legs can be seen shaking as he battles to retain balance without dropping the bar before eventually attempting the squat.

The next bit, well, will definitely make you wince, as he extends his legs only for the entire 400kg weight to transfer to his knees, causing them to buckle.

He can be seen falling to the ground, screaming out in agony as his team and medical staff rush over.

Fortunately, his spotters managed to keep the bar behind him after he let go, preventing any strain on his arms or impact on his back.

As a result, Sedykh was rushed to hospital, where it was revealed he had fractured both knees and required surgery to reattach his quadricep muscles.

The operation was successful, and per news.com.au, Sedykh provided the following update with his fans: “The forecasts are as follows — lie down for two months, do not move your legs. Then learn to walk again and to recover

“The quads were double-stitched, the knees were reassembled.”

Rest up, big guy.

Images via YouTube