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Prayer For Missing Person - Get Your Loved Ones Back


A loved one's passing can have a huge emotional impact on you and your family since it forces you to live in fear and with the hope that they'll return one day. You waver between optimism and pessimism, which makes it challenging for you to go on.

Families have traditionally found it easier to hold onto the prospect of a joyful reunion with their loved one by using a prayer for missing personto return safely.

Prayers For Missing Ones

Below are some potent prayer for missing person list, you should try them:

"You looked for your son Jesus when he vanished when he was twelve, O Blessed Mother and St. Joseph. Until he was located, you wouldn't give up. You know both the joy and the agony of someone going missing because you found your son.

Pray for those who are now seeking to discoversolutions to their problems and a conclusion to their search. May people follow in your footsteps and remain alert so that they can see and hear newsthat will give them hope.

Dear God, comfort those who are unhappy and lonely because someone they love has left them. Be with them through the turbulence and lead them in their endeavors.

Through Christ, our Lord, we make this request.


"Oh my God!

I recently learned that someone I love is missing, and now my mind is racing with dread and fear. I give You authority over all of my anxious thoughts. I beg You to use Your great wisdom to guide events so that my loved one is completely safe and protected.

Please heal my fearful thoughts and take them away from me. I'm willing to believe that Your love ensures our safety and protection and that we have nothing to fear. There is no darkness where Your light is present. Anyone who is shielded by Your light and under Your protection cannot be harmed, threatened, or in danger. Amen!"

Prayer For Missing Person | Prayers To Find People Who Are Missing

People Also Ask

What Is A Good Bible Verse For Missing Someone?

"Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go."

How Do You Pray For A Lost Family Member?

  • Believe in the viability of their salvation.
  • Don't give up; keep making daily appeals for them.
  • Request God to lead them to Himself.
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to bring conviction of sin, righteousness, and judgment to unbelievers.

What Is The Prayer For Missing Child?

"Lord, I beg your assistance in seeing that every missing child is brought home safely. No matter how remote the possibility of finding them, they will be located with your help. You are the impossibility's God. Let the kidnappers be irresponsible and leave evidence of their nefarious deeds."

What Is The Prayer For Missing Brother?

"Oh, Almighty One who made the universe, I am pleading with you on behalf of my missing loved one. I eagerly anticipate their safe return. I ask the Lord to keep an eye out for and guard my loved one, and may they be found to be in good health."


If a loved one is missing, you should fervently pray and consult with God in order for them to come home safely. You can say whatever you want to during this prayer for missing person session because there are no strict guidelines as to what you must say. Allow yourself to speak freely and to have faith that God will work a miracle so that the missing person returns home unharmed.

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