Join Fernando Torres and Hisense in their mission to predict the winner of UEFA EURO 2020 with a little help from their psychic pets.

The Ancient Egyptians: they were pretty clued-up. In fact, many historians believe that they knew more than we do now. They built the pyramids (one of the seven wonders of the world), invented almost everything important – including astronomy, medicine, writing and maths (annoying, but still important) – and are recognised as one of the greatest civilizations in history, even 5000 years later (talk about a lasting impression).

And, one of the most fascinating things about Ancient Egyptians is the way they honoured their pets – cats and dogs specifically.

Which had us thinking; maybe they were onto something.

Maybe they knew of their pets’ psychic abilities.

We’re often convinced that animals can sense danger, predict the weather and even see ghosts, but what if they have the ability to see the future. *Sees pound signs*

There is already evidence out there of animals being able to predict future events – take Paul the Octopus from the 2010 FIFA World Cup, for example – but what if my humble house cat can do the same? (I have always suspected he has a higher purpose, one that doesn’t involve scratching my skirting boards.)

Torres teamed-up with Hisense to see if he could get his pets to give him answers about his football career.

If you fancy your pet as a bit of a mystic meg, we encourage you to record them selecting the winner of the UEFA EURO 2020 trophy and to share the video on social media. Remember to use the hashtag #HiSensePetSense in all of your uploads.

Once your pet has helped you pick your UEFA EURO 2020 winner, click here to enter your pet’s prediction to be in for the chance of winning prizes fit for a pharaoh, including 2x tickets to UEFA EURO 2020 and a Hisense TV or refrigerator.

Or, if you don’t trust your furry friend (I’d say ‘as far as you can throw them’, but I don’t want to receive complaints from the NSPCA), you can always tap into your own That’s-So-Raven abilities and predict the winner yourself.

Go on, take a shot at it! What have you got to lose?