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Price Is Right Winner Dislocates Shoulder While Celebrating His Win


In an unexpected turn of events on the popular game show 'The Price is Right,' a contestant named Henry left the audience in stitches. Henry, The Price is Right winner dislocates shoulder while celebrating his win!

The incident occurred during a thrilling round of the game called "Bonkers," where Henry had to guess the correct price to secure a dream trip to Hawaii.

Energetic Contestant Dislocates Shoulder In Hilarious 'Price Is Right' Mishap

With the spotlight on him, Henry's excitement was palpable as he confidently made his first attempt and emerged victorious. However, his over-the-top jubilation took a comical turn, resulting in an unfortunate injury. Host Drew Carey, with a mix of amusement and concern, shared the incident with the shocked audience.

Henry was celebrating and going 'woo' and he dislocated his shoulder.- Drew Carey. The Price is Right Host

The collective gasp from the spectators was met with Carey's wry response of "I know."

Henry, accompanied by his wife Alice, stood beside Carey on stage, sporting smiles and laughter despite the unforeseen mishap. Carey disclosed that due to Henry's shoulder injury, Alice would step in and spin the famous big wheel on his behalf. The anticipation in the air grew as Alice gave the wheel a mighty spin, and the audience erupted in cheers as the numbers settled at an impressive 95 out of 100.

Contestant DISLOCATED his shoulder ( right ) after winning on TPIR today, Thursday, June 15, 2023🤯🙈🙈

In a display of hilarious determination, Henry lightly fist-pumped the air with his mobile arm, while his injured arm hung limp.

The incident quickly became the talk of the town, prompting 'The Price is Right' to share the amusing footage on their Instagram page.

Accompanied by the caption, "Guy dislocates shoulder celebrating," the clip garnered thousands of views and amused comments from fans. The post also provided a reassuring update, stating that Henry has since made a full recovery.

He won a trip to Hawaii and the ER.- Instagram Post Update on The Price Is Right Winner

This unforgettable incident serves as a gentle reminder to everyone that sometimes, excessive celebration can have unforeseen consequences. Henry's mishap demonstrates the importance of tempering our enthusiasm, even in moments of triumph. While it's natural to get carried away in the thrill of victory, it's equally important to prioritize our well-being and avoid unnecessary accidents.

The amusing tale of Henry's dislocated shoulder on 'The Price is Right' continues to bring smiles to the faces of viewers worldwide. It serves as a lighthearted reminder that even in the most unexpected circumstances, laughter can be found. Henry's infectious energy and resilience, along with the support of his wife Alice, have made their appearance on the show a memorable one.

As the curtain falls on this chapter of 'The Price is Right,' audiences can't help but chuckle at the unique twists and turns that live television can bring. While the game show offers excitement and prizes galore, it is the unpredictable moments like Henry's mishap that remind us to find humor in life's surprises, even when things don't go as planned.

So the next time you find yourself celebrating a triumph, take a page from Henry's book and opt for a more measured approach. After all, it's better to celebrate with a light fist pump than to risk an unexpected trip to the emergency room.

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