Priest Live Streams Mass But Activates Filters By Mistake

AvatarHannah Humphreys in Funny, News
Published 24.03.20

Today, the nation awakes in a completely different world.

It’s like nothing we have ever known – being locked behind closed doors and for many of us who are unable to see loved ones, go to work or go about our daily lives the idea of three weeks minimum in self-isolation is, of course, worrying.

In Italy, lockdown measures continue into their second week but despite prime minister, Giuseppe Conte’s stark warnings on going outside other than for absolute necessities a staggering 40,000 people have been charged for violating the lockdown imposed on the nation.

Italy has witnessed an unprecedented amount of coronavirus cases and the number continues to rise even with its citizens behind closed doors.

This has resulted in a surge in usual person-to-person activities taking place in the online realm and many religious communities have been actively following their faith online via live-streaming as they are left unable to attend their place of worship.

Usually this runs smoothly but one Italian priest found himself leading mass with hilarious filters on his bonce.

The video clip has since gone viral on platforms such as Reddit and 9Gag which shows the priest casually stepping back from the camera to begin service whilst unbeknown to him a silly set of filters stream out to his worshippers.


The filters include something that looks like a Transformers helmet, dumbbells and a gangster hat.

He evidently didn’t clock the mistake at first but he really suits the hat.

Commenters have taken in their droves to social media with one saying: “’By mistake’. He just doubled his holy power”.

Another added: “Hahaha thank you so very much I needed that laughter”.

On Reddit, the clip was shared to r/Funny: Reddit’s largest humour depository.

The group has 29.3 million members and since posting the clip has been viewed more than 99k times with 1.1k comments.

Other comments ranged from: “He’s on a mission from god”, to “That last one had me snorting”.

But others have questioned the video’s validity saying: “What app just cycles through filters like that?”, begging the question how the priest could just mistakenly activate the set of filters when putting out the live stream.

Either way, it’s pretty entertaining.

And, let’s face it anything that sparks a chuckle in lockdown is worth a watch.