Primark Set To Trial ‘Online Shopping’ For The Very First Time

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in News, UK
Published 23.04.19

My only real interaction with Primark is when I used to pop in, incognito – usually in a balaclava or some kind of all-encompassing head garment – and peruse their assortment of women’s jeans.

That’s right, me, a male, used to wear Primark women’s jeans. So what?

They’re cheap, they fit snuggly around my snake hips and they do a petite size 10 that fits me wonderfully on the leg. Sure I could never get my wallet in the back pocket, or even do the button up, but they looked good, and if capitalism’s taught us anything it’s that looking good matters.


As I got older, though, I found that shopping there felt like a Black Friday sale every day. It also infuriates me that they put all the good items in the queue when you’re paying for stuff. People just stop on a dime and you never get any closer to the till!

Maddening stuff.

But my worries and angst around shopping at Primark may be a thing of the past, as there are rumours that a click and collect service is coming.

Chief executive Paul Marchant has told bosses that plans were being made to trial online shopping for a while now, and that the service was “on the horizon“. Davy adds that “even when rolled out, a click-and-collect offering will only drive an incremental benefit for Primark.”


This essentially means that shoppers will be able to reserve the buys they want online, before heading into store to collect them. So it’s not quite the same as having things delivered to your front door, but it’s a step in the right direction.

About damn time too!

I mean, it’s pretty remarkable that a store that size has managed to survive without a website you can purchase items from.

These people know:


This comes after Primark opened their world’s store in Birmingham, costing over £70 million and covering five floors.

There’s also a Disney-themed cafe – including giant Mickey Mouse ears – a barber’s shop and a beauty salon, which seems over the top in my opinion.


Still, at least it makes going to Birmingham that bit more worthwhile.

I’m just kidding my Brum fans – you knows I love you!

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