Prince Andrew is seemingly keen to bring his name back into favour with the rest of the Royal Family.

Following the scandal about his links to Epstein, he has been referring to himself as the Queen’s “rock” following the death of her beloved husband.

It’s now being reported that it was Andrew’s idea to give the Queen two new puppies.

Since the death of the Duke Of Edinburgh, the Queen has been frequently pictured walking the dogs.

The dogs are a corgi called Muick and dachshund-corgi cross named Fergus.

The new puppies have been keeping the Queen company since Prince Philip was taken to hospital earlier this year.

It’s her 95th birthday today, and it’s expected that she will be out walking the dogs.


A source told The Sun: ‘The Queen did not plan on getting any new dogs as she feared she was getting too old.

‘But it was Andrew who surprised his mum with two new puppies when she felt down and alone in the Castle after the Duke was taken to hospital.’

The Queen has had more than 30 corgis.

She was given her first on her 18th birthday in 1944.

Before the arrival of Muick and Fergus, Her Majesty only had one dog, a corgi/dachshund cross called Candy. She previously had another dorgi, called Vulcan, who died in November.

The previous dogs had all been bred from her original Corgi, Susan. However these two latest pups are the first dogs not to be a direct descendant of Susan.

Prince Andrew

The Duke Of Edinburgh’s funeral was the first public appearance in 18 months for Prince Andrew.

He had been staying under the radar following the now infamous Newsnight interview.

He stepped down from royal duties after a scandal around his friendship with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Before then, Andrew was often referred to as the Queen’s ‘favourite’.

It’s now thought that he is ‘increasingly confident’ about wiping the slate clean for a return to public life. Palace sources say he is doing everything he can to ‘save his reputation.’

However, it’s been reported recently that both Prince Charles and Prince William are “aligned” in agreement that there is no place for Prince Andrew to undertake royal duties.

Andrew “categorically denies” any wrongdoing. He was seen leaving Prince Philip’s funeral in a brand new £220,000 Bentley car.

Security Scare

There was a major security scare after a woman was found wandering around Prince Andrew’s official residence.

It’s said she had been mistakenly let in by guards.

The security officers even paid for her cab fare. She turned up at Royal Lodge, in Windsor Great Park, claiming to have a lunch appointment with Andrew.

It’s reported that she spent around 20 minutes walking around the gardens. The intruder then entered the building, where Andrew was at home at the time.

She was eventually found and police were called.  The woman told them she was engaged to Prince Andrew and lived there with him, giving officers her name as Irene Windsor.

She was arrested on suspicion of burglary. The intruder was later sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

Do you think there is any way back for Prince Andrew?

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