Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran Team Up For Hilarious Video

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Published 10.10.19

Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran have teamed up in a hilarious video that, as well as taking the piss out of fellow gingers, has a serious message that we can all get behind.

It’s a not a double act you could really imagine coming up too often, but Ed Sheeran and everyone’s favourite member of the Royal Family got together for the greater good.

It started well, with the singer-songwriter turning up at the Prince’s house, ringing the doorbell and the national anthem playing. You can’t go wrong with that kind of joke; it’s like when the Queen turned up with James Bond for the 2012 Olympics.


The two soon got to work with their new cause, knuckling down to tackle something that affects the world over.

However, it soon transpired that there were crossed wires between Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran, as the latter revealed that he was there to challenge the public perception of red-haired people.


As Harry says:

For me, this is a subject and conversation that is just not talked about.”

That’s when Sheeran interjects with an idea to write a song to stop people making fun of gingers. He explains:

People just don’t understand what it’s like for people like us – with the jokes and the snide comments. I think it’s time we stood up and say ‘we are ginger, and we are going to fight’.

The Prince then breaks the news that their meet-up is in fact for Mental Health Awareness Day, saying:

This is slightly awkward. There may have been a miscommunication – this is about World Mental Health Day?


Sheeran then deletes the “Gingers Unite” message on his computer in shame.

Good fun.


The video then ends with a candid message from both stars, urging viewers to reach out to their friends and family for World Mental Health Day.

A great cause.

Of course, this comes after Ed announced his ‘retirement’ from music.

Has Ed Sheeran retired?

On stage at Chantry Park in Ipswich on, Ed told the crowd he had an announcement to make.


He said:

“As you may or not know, I’ve been on the Divide tour for over two years now and this is the last day of the whole thing.

“There is something very bittersweet about it. I love that you guys are here and we are ending it in Ipswich. This is my last gig for probably 18 months.

“We’ve played all around the world. Glastonbury, Wembley Stadium. All these amazing venues, America, New Zealand, Australia, Asia, South America – it’s been a wild one.

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