Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have made headlines recently but it seems that the couple faces serious threats.

During the interview with Oprah, Prince Harry and Meghan noted several changes in their lives. While most were concerned with comments about mental health and racism within the royal family, security was also mentioned.

Commentators like Piers Morgan used his platform to doubt the claims of the royals. It has now been confirmed that claims about security were correct.

What has been said?

In the interview with Oprah, Pince Harry discussed the fact that the royal family no longer gives him and his family security.

Harry stated:

“Their justification is a change in status, of which I pushed back and said, “Well is there a change of threat or risk?”

“And after many weeks of waiting, eventually, I got the confirmation that, no, the risk and threat hasn’t changed, but [it was] due to our change of status, which we would no longer be official working members of the Royal Family. I was born into this position. I inherited the risk. So that was a shock to me.”

In the emotional interview, Markle also described how the couple pleaded for their children to be protected. Unfortunately, it seems that the monarchy would not offer any help to them if they did not perform royal duties.

With this in mind, alongside the racism claims, it is clear that there is tension between the two parties.

Of course, members of the public don’t commonly have security. However, it seems that Prince Harry and his family have had to invest in security.

Police involvement

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle first moved to their new home in Montecito, there was quickly a security concern.

In July, a phone call was made to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office. Since then, alarms installed in the home have primarily alerted the police to issues. Amidst these alarms, which appear to be of little consequence, there have been more serious incidents.

At 4:13 PM on Christmas Eve a man trespassed on the property. Shortly after, on Boxing Day, a call was made in connection to ‘property crimes.’

A man named Nickolas Brooks, aged 37, was arrested on a trespassing charge, although he was later released.

Additional calls have been made to the police as recently as February 16.

Going forward

Prince Harry inherited a significant amount from his late mother (estimated at £21 million). Nonetheless, this sum becomes less significant when his family’s security costs an estimated $5.5 million a year (£3.9 million).

Fortunately, Prince Harry has found work with a startup that has an evaluation of over a billion dollars. On top of this, both Harry and Meghan are launching television and podcast deals.

This should give them the budget to protect themselves from everyone but Piers Morgan.

Images via Alamy